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How to Help Your Child (And You!) Get the Best Night’s Sleep – Sound Sleepers

It’s no secret that a well rested baby (and toddler (and especially – momma!)) is a happy one!  The secret, however, is in HOW to get your child the best night’s sleep possible.sleep-solution-280x125

I’ve written about our troubles with getting Miles to sleep in his own bed – we just admitted defeat and let him sleep with us!  And while that worked for us for a very long time – we all knew that couldn’t last forever!  Especially now that I’m getting closer and closer to my second trimester — we are about to be completely out of room!

But, since we’ve obviously failed (and failed) at this before – it was time to call in for some reinforcements.  I’d read the books and the blogs… I knew the suggestions and the ideas – all to no avail.  We needed more help than that!Arya-Visa-headshot-9-percent1

That’s when Sound Sleepers came to our rescue!  Sound Sleepers is a local business, owned and operated by local momma — Visa!  Just like me, Visa struggled to get her son to sleep through the night and on his own.   She found a plan that worked so well for her, she knew it was something she had to share with other sleep deprived moms!  That’s when she was hand picked by Dana (the creator of Sleep Sense) to get certified.  She jumped at the opportunity to be personally trained by her with a rigorous 3 month training program.

After talking with Visa for just a few minutes on the phone you can tell this is something she is dedicated to and passionate about!  She loves sleep (who doesn’t?), knows the benefits and feels lucky to be able to help as many families as possible.

One of the great things about Sound Sleepers is that depending on what kind of help you need – there are several different options for you!

If you are looking for the detailed and personalized help that we desperately needed – I suggest the Private Consultation.  With that package we were able to get a specific sleep plan that was written just for us.  Visa took her time getting to know our unique situation (loft living and no doors presented a whole different set of challenges for us, but Visa was up to the task!).  We met with Visa and got to ask as many questions as possible.  Then, once we had the plan and were ready to go, we had Visa with us throughout the whole process.  She called to see how our progress was going and made herself available for us to ask question after question.  When unique roadblocks came up we were not left on our own to scour the internet or books and hope we could find an answer – we just called Visa and she walked us through a solution.  There were several times when Visa would email me after our phone calls to follow up or tell me that she was thinking about our situation and had another suggestion she wanted us to try.  That personalized help and her dedication to helping us is what made the difference and helped us succeed after all these years!

But there are several other options as well – if you are an expecting Mom (or have a newborn) and want to start off on the right foot, Visa offers a Newborn Starter Package.  There’s also a Refresher Course, in case circumstances have changed and sleep habits have been interrupted and you find yourself struggling again.  I can see this being a great option for us after the new baby comes and turns our world upside down!  Visa even offers Seminars where 4 or 5 parents will get together to discuss their troubles and get Visa’s help coming up with a personalized sleep plan.

I know it’s not rocket science getting your kids to sleep in their own bed and through the night, but I cannot tell you how many times we tried and failed before we had Visa’s help.  Her sleep plan and her persistence that Miles could sleep on his own – made all the difference for us.  Now Miles loves his “Big Boy Bed” and I don’t have to worry about him kicking my pregnant belly during the night!

If you’re struggling to get a good nights sleep then please contact Visa and let her help you!

Sound Sleepers is also offering our readers a chance to be entered in a prize draw for five discounted sleep consultations (at 30% off). Be sure to head over and follow her on Facebook for more details on the giveaway, suggestions and sleep help!

*Dallas Moms Blog has partnered with Sound Sleepers to bring you this information, and I was given a Private Consultation Package to review, but the views and opinions expressed are proudly mine.  My eyes no longer have bags under them — as proof!

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3 Responses to How to Help Your Child (And You!) Get the Best Night’s Sleep – Sound Sleepers

  1. Jana February 28, 2013 at 8:29 am #

    Now my question is do they use a certain sleep training method or can they work with what you want for your family? Like I know a lot of moms will not under any circumstances do the cry it out method. Just curious…

    • Visa February 28, 2013 at 10:43 am #

      Hi Jana,
      I work very closely with each family and it is not a one size fits all solution. I customize each plan to the family and the child. If you are not comfortable with the plan, then you are not going to follow through on it! So it has to be something that you are 100% on board with.
      Sleep Sense is the program that I am trained on, which is based on the philosophy of establishing great routines and removing dependency of sleep props (something that your child uses to fall asleep – pacifiers, soothers, breastfeeding, rocking, patting etc).
      It’s really flexible, easy to follow with lots of help from me.
      And to answer your question – no, I don’t use the cry it out method!

    • Amanda
      Amanda February 28, 2013 at 11:21 am #

      That was one of my first questions also, and since we didn’t use it – I’d completely forgotten about it! Miles did cry some nights, but I was always by his side to comfort him. As he started to catch on to the plan, the crying was just less and less until he was completely comfortable with the new sleep plan we had going on. One of my favorite things about Visa was that she never once suggested I leave him to cry! Thanks for asking!!

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