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I Love You More Than…

“Evelyn, I love you more than flowers!

“I love you more than ice cream Mommy!”

She really loves ice cream.

                      She *really* loves ice cream.

A little over a year ago, my daughter started this game where she would tell me that she loves me more than “X.”  Sometimes it is a number (one hundred twenty four million thousand) and others it is a random object or obsession (my doll or jumping on the bed).  One time I told her that I loved her more than sleep and she flew into my arms hugging me and said, “Wow that is a lot!”

It is a silly game, and we have played it so often I frequently draw a blank when trying to compare how much I love her forcing me to look around and pick an object in the room, just because I haven’t used that one recently.  She doesn’t seem to care, but I do hope that she knows that I love her much, much more than that mechanical pencil.

As simple as this tradition has become, it truly has become a bonding moment for us and something I hope to continue on forever.  I’m sure as a teenager she may be too embarrassed to say “I love you more than JTT” (or whatever heartthrob is cool at the moment) but I will never shy away from telling her that I love her more than dessert.

Last night as I was hugging my girl goodnight I whispered in her ear, “I love you more than the color black.”  She looked at me and I could see her brow furrow as she was trying to think of her next comparison when her face lit up and she proudly exclaimed, “Mommy I love you more than….anything I could ever say!”

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