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Is the Next Hockey Star in Your Home?

imagejpeg_0I grew up with parents who were raised in the north and share a love for hockey.  They always seemed to be baffled that my siblings and I (who were all raised in Texas) didn’t share the same passion. The problem is – hockey isn’t a part of our southern culture like it is for those Yankees with the cold winters.

Recently, I learned about a free hockey camp where kids can learn and try hockey, risk-free.  I can’t wait to sign my three-year-old up next year when he is old enough.

Dallas Stars legend Mike Modano created a program called Dallas Stars Little Rookies to raise hockey awareness for the next generation.  If your child is between the ages of four and eight, he or she can attend a FREE 4-week on-ice camp.

Hockey is an expensive sport that requires a lot of gear. The Little Rookies program allows the kid to get on the ice and see if they like the sport before the parents make the financial investment.  The child gets to borrow and take home gear including a stick, helmet, pads, hockey pants, hockey socks, and gloves during the camp.  Skates are rented and stay at the rink (again, FREE of charge).  Kids get to keep their jersey.

imagejpeg_2Nine rinks across DFW offer the Little Rookies weekend program.  On the first day, you can expect the kids to be broken into three groups based on their skill level.  Each session will last 30-minutes.  Hockey is a unique sport because for most, the first two years of practice are usually focused on learning and strengthening sport and skating skills before the game is ever even played.

Mike Modano is passionate about youth hockey and is known to regularly show up at a Little Rookies rink practice.  Little Rookies is a legacy he wants to leave with the metroplex.

Sign-ups are happening now for the November/December winter camp. Any child between the ages of four and eight who has never participated in a skating or hockey program is eligible to sign up.  (By the way, camps are offered five times a year, if the next session doesn’t work for you.)

You never know, you might have the next Dallas Star in your home.  My parents are just happy my son will check out the sport they grew up with.

Do you have any experience with the Little Rookies program?

We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. M October 2, 2014 at 8:55 pm #

    What happens after the camp? Supposing my kid loves it, can we sign him up again and pay for the next camp or is information provided to parents about possible next steps? I’ve looked into this since I heard about it last year, but have never read anything about what resources are provided following the camp. I know I’m jumping the gun, but I am curious.

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