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Just for Mom :: the Perfect Personal Hiatus

Listen, I need to start this by saying this is about as whimsical and as far-fetched as my writing gets. Just THINKING about taking a personal hiatus trip seems like a fairy tale, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think about it…often. I have thoughts all the time about spending weekends away ALONE, and I think I have come up with my idea of the perfect personal hiatus.


personal hiatus


Years ago, I went to a wedding in Comfort, Texas, with my son and my parents. We stayed at this amazing Bed & Breakfast in a private house on the grounds. When I think of my personal hiatus, I think of this very house in that tiny town. An obscure, little Texas town with very few people, yet still offers a few places to eat and shop. If you get to live out this dream one day, consider staying here too. (Tip: Try to get the guest house in the back!)


personal hiatus

This is important for (1) the drive down, (2) the weekend away, and (3) the drive back to Dallas. Here’s the general theme for each:

The drive toward chosen hiatus – FREEDOM! Can you even believe all of the time you will have alone, with just your thoughts, and your OWN hunger pangs to address? I assume this playlist to be super upbeat, girly, not at ALL kid appropriate (because of all the FREEDOM!), and just down right loud! Perhaps you should drive with the windows down for a while… that would be my idea of a perfect getaway. 

The weekend away – Perhaps this playlist should be a bit more spa-like. Not necessarily all Enya, but more serene than your escape route music contained. I just envision this being a time when I can actually sit down and listen to a full Little Big Town album or even repeat the same Lady Gaga song 100 times. Or maybe even explore some of the old music I listened to in high school and reminisce about being 17 in my hometown again. It is a time to be selfish, so you do you girl!

The drive back to Dallas – It goes without saying that this would perhaps be a time to explore songs you’d like played at your funeral one day. The tone back to reality will be somber, to say the least.


personal hiatus

Honestly, I wanted to just write one bullet point that read “DO WHATEVER THE HECK I WANT TO DO” and be done with it, but I actually do have a list of things I would love to do on a personal hiatus away. 

  • Read. (I would likely bring about 10 books just to be safe. Also because you can over pack if you like – you’re ALONE!)
  • Bullet Journal or Adult Coloring Books. (Pro tip: the guest house at the Faust in Comfort, TX, had the most amazing adult coloring books and the BEST colored pencils I have ever used.)
  • All the podcasts. Catch up on allll the podcast episodes in my queue. I can get lost REAL fast on a good podcast. Plus – you don’t have to talk to ANYONE when you walk around with your headphones in.
  • Drink all the wine. Take all the baths. (Obvi.)
  • Catch up on journaling to my son and writing in his baby book. I have a journal I keep with me to write little love notes to my son randomly. I think I would write a bunch to him and definitely catch up on filling in his baby book. Seeing as how he’s almost 3.
  • Sleep. Which may be a product of all the wine and baths, but still something to look forward to.
  • Eat whatever I want. Whenever I want. UNinterrupted. My perfect hiauts involves NO ONE needing anything from me before, during, or after meal time.

Finally, and more seriously, I would spend a healthy amount of time unplugging from reality and picking up some humility. I would sit around and savor all of the immense blessings in my life, especially my husband and my sweet little boy. Time away sounds like the perfect way for me to remember how much I love the crazy life I live.

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