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Keep Moving Forward! : 4 Activities to Prevent Summer Regression

This post has been sponsored by Primrose Schools. All opinions are 100% our own!

It never fails…the last day of school my mind is racing with joyful emotion — we did it! we survived another year! — but at the same time feeling completely overwhelmed at the thought of being solely responsible for my children’s education for an entire summer. 

Did you know (according to Oxford Learning) that statistically, kids lose 2.6 months of math skills and 2 months of reading skills during the summer? 

Even though I was a public educator, I don’t have a clue what is academically appropriate for my 6, 4, and 2 year old. How do I continue to build on their education without it feeling like hard work over the summer? Is it enough to just join our local public library Summer Reading program? Can I easily incorporate learning into our daily activities? 

Thanks to Primrose Schools, they’re making summer a little easier on me (and you)! The following activities are perfect for engaging your little one’s mind and curiosity over the summer months. From fun ways to incorporate science and math to outdoor adventures like nature walks and catching fireflies, this list of suggestions will last all summer long:

>> Science Fun

Science experiments don’t have to be expensive or messy! Something simple like this paper towel “rainbow” waterfall can be entertaining and educational without a lot of work.  Pinterest has a lot of STEM activities, but it’s hit or miss as to whether they’ll actually work. 

Primrose Schools has some great how-to videos on their YouTube channel that provide easy science experiments that little ones will love! Make a bubbling potion, learn how ducks stay dry and learn about the weather with our rain cloud and tornado in a bottle activities.

>> Encouraging Outdoor Math Fun and 5 Math Games for Toddlers

Don’t spend a lot of money this summer purchasing teacher-like materials to try and find creative ways of incorporating learning into the every day. While parents don’t typically associate math with fun, there are plenty of ways to incorporate math concepts into everyday activities you’re likely already doing with your children, such as snack time and trips to the grocery store. 

Head into your playroom and stand with your child in their play kitchen. Using real measuring cups and mixing bowls, you can pretend play and add up all the ingredients as you bake. “Mommy needs 2 cups of flour for this cake. How many 1 cup scoops do I need?”

>> Kool-Aid Playdough, Cloud Dough, and Colorful Mystery Mess

Each summer, I make pounds of playdough for my boys. Not only is it cheaper than purchasing the name brand products, but it’s an easy way to have them experiment in the kitchen. You can have them help you heat it on the stove OR find the “no heat” recipes online. One of my favorite recipes is right here on Dallas Moms Blog “Kool-Aid Playdough”. Use it to work on shapes, letters, or patterns. Bonus: It incorporates the use of senses – both touch and smell. (Hopefully not taste!) 

This summer, I’ll definitely be “mixing it up” with these new recipes from Primrose Schools: Cloud Dough and Colorful Mystery Mess. Another great way to explore senses in a more unique way!

>> 9 Activities to Make the Most Out of Summer with Your Child 

Here are several stress-free (and fun!) activities that you’ll both enjoy! Get out in the backyard with a sprinkler or make homemade popsicles. The important thing is that you’re making memories together (and your child is exploring and learning along the way!).

It’s recommended that children have 2-3 hours a week of practice and continuing education throughout the summer months to avoid regression, and if you’re interested in receiving more activities like those above, sign up for Primrose Schools’ Pointers for Parents email newsletter to receive fun, educational activities straight to your inbox. 



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