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Let’s Plan a Play Date :: The Launch of Neighborhood Community Groups

Dallas Moms Blog Community Social Media (3)At Dallas Moms Blog, our main goal  is to connect local moms (YOU) to one another! We’ve heard from so many moms who are new to town, new to mommyhood, and/or just in need of some mommy friends. We know that being a mom is the most rewarding job we can do, but it’s also the hardest. We all need some support now and then from others who know just what we are going through! With that in mind, Dallas Moms Blog offers monthly meet-ups and play dates, as well as larger events to help connect local moms to one another and our community. But we’ve heard your cry for MORE!!

So, we would like to start coordinating some smaller, more neighborhood-specific playgroups in addition to our regular meet-ups.  Being part of one of these groups will allow you to meet and get together with other moms that live nearby! We are starting eight regional & 1 mom-specific playgroups:

Dallas is massive! So we recognize that we haven’t covered every town and suburb, but hope this is a good start! If you don’t live in one of the cities above, but are close, go ahead and join! All are welcome!

Our goal is to make these groups work for you, so we are open to suggestions on times and places to start meeting.  We are also looking for individuals familiar with their region who are interesting in helping coordinate playdates for each group. If you are one of our followers who live in other areas you are welcome to join the group nearest you. You may also volunteer to start a playgroup in your town as well!

We hope this will be an opportunity for you  and your kids to make some new friends and connections in our community! In order to stay up-to-date on ALL the connection opportunities Dallas Moms Blog offers, make sure to subscribe to receive our blog posts by email, “like” our Facebook Page, and follow us on Twitter (@dallasmomsblog), Instagram (@dallasmomsblog), and Pinterest! We look forward to hearing from you!!


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  1. Rocky Ahmed September 18, 2015 at 6:15 am #

    When we moved to Dallas, our first goal is to connect with the community. Dallasmomsblog is very good resources of information for my wife where to start exploring the community. At first, she is quite hesitant and just home. We are more at home now in Dallas.

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