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A Look Inside Dr. Sandra Petrocchi Pediatric Dentistry Visit

This post has been sponsored and guest written by Dr. Sandra Petrocchi and Dr. Luis Arango Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. All opinions are 100% our own. 

First-time parent or not, it is always so exciting when your baby hits a new milestone in their life, with one of those being his or her first visit to the dentist. Seeing your dentist sooner than later is a productive way to keep your child’s dental health at its best.

When should a baby see their dentist for the first time? Our office is asked this almost daily and the answer is simple! As soon as your child’s first tooth appears but no later than his or hers first birthday… this means it is time to call your pediatric dentist. It may seem a little early to see a dentist if your child only has their two front teeth but as soon as your baby has teeth; it opens up the possibilities for cavities or any other mouth issues.

The next question is how should parents prep for their child’s first dental cleaning visit?
Our office will send home a custom addressed book to your child once they are ready for their first cleaning which is typically around two or three to help encourage Mom and Dad to talk to them about their upcoming visit in a positive way. We also encourage watching videos about dental visits so that it may help them to get excited as opposed to being fearful of the dentist. Our office recommends appointments either before or after nap time, so that they are cooperative. We also encourage a light meal prior to the visit so that they are not hungry during the exam.

Parents are also able to prepare for the visit as well! We encourage our families to fill out new patient forms ahead of time that are accessible through our website so that parents can take the time to diligently be as informative as possible and to list out any questions or concerns for the visit like teething, thumb sucking or pacifiers. That way the focus is on your child when you get to the office.

Once it is time for your child’s first exam, Dr. Petrocchi will look at your child’s mouth to ensure their teeth and jaw movement is developing the way it should naturally. For the first visit, Dr. Petrocchi prefers that mom or dad sits in the dental chair while the child sits on his or her parents’ lap. If your child seems upset or starts to wiggle during the exam, this is completely normal and our dental team understands how to handle situations accordingly.
Dr. Petrocchi will offer many useful tips for daily care of your baby’s teeth and will also check for cavities and any other issues in the mouth. These yearly routines will occur until your child hits 3 years old, then the office will put them on a cleaning schedule of every six months.

If you’re interested in learning more about a first pediatric dentist appointment, give Highland Park’s Dr. Petrocchi a call at 214-363-9664 or visit her website for more information!

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