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Maternity Must-Haves :: Top Picks for Pregnant Mamas

pregnantIs it your first time as a pregnant mom?  Isn’t it exciting registering for your new baby?  When I was pregnant, I couldn’t help picking up cute items for our Little Man every time I went to the store.  The anticipation for our new family member was almost more than my wallet could handle!  But don’t forget about you!  My best advice: be comfortable. There are a few things you’re going to need to get you through the uncomfortable end of your pregnancy.

These are my top picks for pregnant moms:

  1. Maternity clothes: I lived in this maternity dress from Storq for much of my pregnancy.  The clothes are made from high-quality, comfortable fabric.  The dress and skirt from their maternity bundle transition easily to your new post-partum wardrobe too!  For work, I loved these dress pants from Motherhood Maternity.
  2. Epsom Salts: I never knew of the wonder that are Epsom Salts until pregnancy.  A warm bath with a cup of Epsom Salts can do amazing things for how you feel.  After a long day or dealing with swollen feet and ankles, a relaxing bath can help make your pregnant body feel worlds better.
  3. Comfortable shoes: Speaking of swollen feet…it may not take long for your cute pumps to go by the wayside.  May I suggest a supportive pair of tennis shoes?  You can still keep your preggo-outfit on trend with these lifestyle shoes from Nike or Under Armour.  They’ll blend right into your wardrobe and no one will know it’s because your feet don’t fit into anything else.  (And you can avoid the meltdown in your closet when you realize your shoes don’t fit…not that I know anything about that.)
  4. Pregnancy pillow: I abandoned our bed and spent the second half of my pregnancy “sleeping” on the sofa.  But the first half was made more comfortable by a pregnancy pillow.  Pregnancy pillows support your growing belly, tired arms, and aching back.  Sleep while you can!  
  5. Books: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth and Guide to Breastfeeding are two of my favorite books for preparing for childbirth and feeding a newborn–no matter how you choose to deliver or feed your baby.  They are both a great resource and can help you mentally prepare for labor and to bring a newborn home.

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