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Modoma Massage & Wellness :: For Mommies Who Need More Than A Spa

This post has been sponsored by Modoma Massage & Wellness. All opinions are 100% my own!

I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of a massage junkie. There are knots in my back, neck, and shoulders that I got while pregnant and have had ever since. They are four years old now (both the knots and my kids.)

So I jumped at the chance to review Modoma Massage & Wellness’s brand new Plano location at Park & Midway!  

Modoma is not your typical day spa. They practice MedMassage, which “encompasses manual therapy, deep tissue work, active-release techniques, stretching and other modalities to release pinched nerves and built-up tension as well as providing a proactive approach to overall health.”

Soothing colors and clean lines are present throughout Modoma.

Soothing colors and clean lines are present throughout Modoma.

What this means is that the experience is a little bit different than a traditional massage place. When you enter, you’re greeted by the receptionist at a calming check-in desk and are then shown to a “tranquility room” type waiting area. But instead of being taken into a locker room, you are led into what looks like a typical doctor’s office. There is a table with a paper cover, a sharps disposal container, and a nurse who takes your blood pressure before the physician enters.

My Modoma doctor went over my medical history with me and then talked to me about my problem areas (those knots which have settled down and had their own baby knots,) and the treatment plan she would recommend for me.

She also told me about some of their other services. Modoma believes the beginning stages build the foundation for optimal health, which is why they focus on combining relaxation therapy with total body wellness. Their mission is to reduce stress, increase function, and ultimately improve the patient’s quality of life.

In addition to medical and traditional massage, Modoma may prescribe natural trigger point injections with sarapin, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition counseling, foot orthotics, and can even do complete labs and bloodwork.

The physician said I would be a good candidate for the trigger point injections and described the procedure. During this treatment, the doctor uses a small needle to inject a solution that helps release the knots directly into the affected area. Then the massage therapist works it through the muscle. Take that knots!

As for the actual massage, it was excellent. I mean that. It was probably in the top five I have ever had, and I am quite the massage connoisseur. I love deep tissue and firm pressure, but that does not often lead to a very relaxing experience. During this treatment, I actually fell asleep and got some of those knots to calm down at the same time.
Afterwards, one of the staff members talked to me about the treatment plan that had been prescribed for me. My plan included once a week massages for 4 weeks, then twice a month for 4 months and once a month for maintenance after that. The very cool thing about it is that during that first period of time when the massages are part of a treatment plan, they partially covered by insurance!  Modoma Massage & Wellness accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. If I were to commit to going through the first six months, it would only be $59 a month. And that includes 4 massages in the first month.  
This was me before my Modoma appointment!

This was me before my Modoma appointment!

Honestly, if I lived closer (I am about 40 minutes from Plano) I would have signed up right then and there. But for now, between the drive and finding someone to watch my littles, a once a week massage is a bit optimistic for me.  At least now I know where to go when I throw my back out in my sleep and can’t walk (true story, I am so old I get sleep-injured!)

Overall, Modoma Massage & Wellness was a great experience. It is more of a clinic than a day spa, but the facilities are clean and the treatment rooms are quiet. That plus a set of expert hands working on my back certainly helped relax this stressed-out mama.

For more information on Modoma Massage & Wellness, visit them online and be sure to ask about their New Patient Consultation & Massage for only $39!*

*Offer valid only for new patients or patients who have not been active in the last 60 days. 

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