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No Plumber’s Crack Here :: How billyGO Saves Time and Money

**This post has been sponsored by billyGO to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

Oh, the joys of home ownership. It seems like there’s always something that needs to be fixed. Water leaks, hot water heaters, clogged drains, AC units, electrical problems… Seriously. And we all know that when it rains, it pours!

This week we came home after a weekend away and heard the very slightest spraying noise. I honestly think I’d heard it the week before, but it was such a small noise, I didn’t even think to look into it. I told my husband who checked it out, and sure enough we had a pipe in our laundry room spraying water. Our crawl space had flooded with water. He had to break through the drywall to find the leak and, oh, yeah…it was Sunday night. He patched it up to hold it overnight, so first thing the next morning, I started calling plumbers.


Googling plumbers in our zip code comes up with a million results. You call, wait, leave a message, talk to an office manager, tell them your problem, they have to ask someone, call you back, and if you’re lucky, will give you a 4-hour time frame they can come by in two weeks! Ahhhhh! It makes me want to pull my hair out.

I heard about this app called billyGO. I figured why not!

billyGoYou download the app (it’s on iOS and Android), fill in a few details about yourself and plumbing problem and book a time that’s convenient for you. When I say “schedule a time that’s convenient for you,” I don’t mean schedule an 8-hour window. I mean schedule a ONE HOUR time frame. AND, if they don’t show within that ONE HOUR time frame, they start deducting from the price of their services. They give THEMSELVES a late fee! I love that part. At 10:34 a.m., I booked an appointment time for 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Plus, you can add the appointment straight to your phone’s calendar. For a woman who’s obsessed with putting everything on her calendar, this I ALSO fell in love with!

Plumbing-by-appointment through an app where I don’t have to talk to a HUMAN?! Awesomeness. My life was changed. It’s like Uber for plumbers. The app shows their photo so you know who will be arriving and you can watch on your map where they are in relation to your home. You can also communicate with them directly through the app. Again, no calling the office manager, who calls their tech for an update and then calls you back!

billyGoThe last time I used one of the larger plumbing companies, they came with their lame-o binder of sales pitches. Now, listen, I’m in sales. I totally get it. I respect a good sales pitch, but I’m not interested in a plumbing company’s pitch. I don’t want to become a “lifelong” member for $2,000 so it saves me $200. I’m not down. billyGO does NOT sell. They are hourly employees (not contractors) and not paid on commission. They provide you with the objective advice, or best way to solve the problem, and then repair only once it’s necessary and the recommendation has been discussed with you. If they do make a recommendation for new or replaced products, they explain the pros and cons. I’ve had plumbers literally fix something without me knowing (I thought they were still assessing the problem) and then give me a $1,000 invoice when I didn’t even know that 1. they were performing the service or 2. what service they even performed.

billyGO gives you the price right then and there through their app. No contractor doing a guestimate or, when the service takes longer than expected, charging you more than previously agreed on.

Once my technician arrived, assessed my problem, provided the pricing and got started on the work, we realized there was a much larger problem at play. Of course, right?! We ended up having to call the City of Dallas who said it would take 8-10 business days to get someone out. Can you see me rolling my eyes as I write this? BUT, my technician, Carlos, waited while we got in touch with the City, so he could make sure we explained the problem correctly.

After the City came out and fixed their part of the problem, I used my app again to set-up another appointment. This time, Edward came out, but he had all of the notes from my previous technician. Just like the first time billyGO came out, he assessed the situation and provided me with details on the problem and solutions even though he knew this step had already been taken because that’s how good this company  and their contractors are. He began the work and boom – my leak was fixed! 

Both of my technicians have been well-kept (groomed!), nice and knowledgable. I actually asked my tech if billyGO’s prices are competitive. I felt he was super honest and straight-up with me when he said that they are very competitive and because they don’t have office managers and dispatchers, this allows them to be able to cut their overhead, in return offering competitive pricing.

This is all about saving time. It’s about saving me time as a busy, working mom and it’s really about the home services industry considering my time just as valuable as their own. We all know doctors haven’t quite figured out THIS concept yet, right?

Make sure to check their service area on their website, but don’t worry. With a business this great, they’ll be expanding soon!

Download the app for the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to book a plumber. Use promo code dallasmoms for your free service call.


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