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North Dallas Scores a Full Adventure Park with the Opening of Urban Air

Now this is a climbing wall.

How is it already December? Gone are the simple days of school shopping or staying up late to finish a last-minute Halloween costume.  Moms, it’s crunch time. Winter is coming, the time where moms are called upon to do their best, most challenging work of the year. Where they must draw upon every trick and tool in their parenting arsenal to do the impossible: entertain gingerbread-hyped, Santa-obsessed children for two plus weeks while on winter break from school. I’m not going to lie, I’m much more worried about getting this wrong than what to stuff in my little one’s stocking. As we all mentally prepare fun activities that will save our sanity and our breakable holiday decorations, I’m excited to share a new Dallas gem that might be a perfect fit for families needing to burn off some steam this holiday break. Urban Air Trampoline Park is opening in North Dallas (near Beltline and Preston) on December 16th. 

More than just your typical trampoline park, Urban Air is the kind of wonderland that doesn’t just come once a year. Seriously, why didn’t these places exist when I was a kid? And it lives up to the name “adventure park.” Is your kid literally climbing the walls at home?  Urban Air has a huge climbing wall (complete with safety harness support) with varying levels of difficulty.  Is your little one’s energy level making you regret not getting their teacher a bigger gift this holiday?  Urban Air has multiple trampoline areas where they can quite literally bounce off the walls.  And while we parents love to foster creativity and innovation whenever possible, sometimes putting the couch back together after the latest attempt at an obstacle course is just a little too exhausting.  

Littles need to jump too!

Urban Air has multiple obstacle courses, including one in the Ninja Warrior style as well as a Ropes course that will burn both physical and mental energy as they safely make their way through the stations.  And for those of you with both big and little kiddos, there is a kids under 7 area where the action is a little more age and size appropriate.  During the school year (outside of school holidays), Urban Air also holds special Jumperoo sessions for littles under 5.

Germaphobe like me? I’m not going to lie that it’s a struggle for me to relax in places where kids jump and touch and (I’m sure it’s happened) lick.  If you are the same, you will understand how excited I was to see an actual video on the Urban Air website showing how the park is disinfected? The struggle is real of wanting to watch your kid have a blast in a foam pit without images of giant gooey germs flashing in your head, but knowing how it’s cleaned helps me set my mind at ease.

Physical problem solving at it’s finest.

If you feel comfortable leaving your older child (think: us getting dropped at the Roller Rink ages ago), Urban Air provides a safe, supervised place to let them have some fun while you run errands.  And if you’d rather stay to supervise, parents are welcomed to stay and watch free of charge at multiple seating locations throughout the park.  

So take a deep breath, mama, winter break is coming and YOU GOT THIS.  An exhausted kid is a happy kid (and makes for a happy parent), so be sure to check out Urban Air at it’s grand opening in North Dallas on Saturday, December 16th. Happy bouncing, slam dunking, climbing, dodge-balling, and obstacle course winning! 

See everybody at Urban Air!


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