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Pearachute: Make Memories; Make Moments

This post has been sponsored by Pearachute Kids. All opinions are 100% our own! 

Let’s face it, there is nothing better than watching your child’s face light up as they climb up towers, pet new animals, or make a new painting for your fridge. Well, I guess it is a little better when you know that you saved a few dollars and a headache doing it.

Pearachute is new to the DFW area, but they are holding nothing back when it comes to offering access to the best family and children classes in the metroplex.

Pearachute’s mission is “to inspire children’s curiosity and passion by empowering parents and caregivers through convenience and choice.” What this truly means is a chance to drop-in to the coolest classes in town without fear of your schedule keeping you from it.

For a working mom, this is a dream come true because the last thing I need mom guilt about is missing that “mommy and me” class because a project came up at the last minute.

How Does It Work?

  1. Make an account. Sign up for a Pearachute account at by using your email or your Facebook account. Once you make an account, you can set up all your personal information and get started on your path to play-date freedom.
  2. Choose a Plan.

    Adventure Activity at Dallas Zoo

    There are different plans that you can choose based on how many drop ins (credits) a month you plan to use. You have the monthly plans where you can choose a 4, 9, or 30 credit plan based on how many activities you plan to do a month. Whatever credits you do not use rolls over to the next month so you do not have to worry about losing those credits. The other option is the flex pack where you can get 5 or 10 credits over a 12-month period and use them as you need. This is a great “first- time” option so that you can try it out before you get hooked, and trust me, you will get hooked.  Plus, you can add up to 5 kids to most plans and flex packs and share credits among all of your children (or with nieces and nephews, neighbors or best friends).

  3. Choose your classes. There is a map with all the different drop in locations, times, and information about the classes. You can search by the type of activity you are interested in, or by the convenience of location. Either way, you can find SOMETHING that you and your children will enjoy with the multitude of options that they have. Classes range from yoga class, hair appointments, swim lessons, and even a cupcake decorating class. (I may have tried to pass myself as a 8 year old girl to participate in cupcake decorating…it didn’t work)
  4. Lastly, enjoy it!! The class is booked, the kids are having fun, and you look like “Mom of the Year”!! Pat yourself on the back, lift your chin, and stroll in the moment. I guess you could take a few pictures also because, memories, ya know. But enjoy the fact that you can juggle it all and your kids never miss a beat. You go girl!!

So How Was It?

Now that I told you all about it, let me tell you about my experience using it. It was so easy!

The first drop-in I chose was an adventure activity at the Dallas Zoo. The flex pack credit that I used covered parking and admission for my 3 year old and myself. When we pulled up, I just showed them the confirmation email and they told me to head on in. The next thing I knew we were making fireworks for animals, going on a scavenger hunt, and watching a bird show!! Easy Peasy right?? I must admit, I thought I was going to run into some problems with Pearachute being new to the area, but I didn’t.


Overall, Pearachute is seriously amazing, magical, and the antidote to canceled appointments and broken hearts. It was created by a working mom to help other moms make moments, instead of missing memories. Pearachute has far exceeded every expectation I had, and I know if you give it a try, you will feel the same way.

That smile is worth it all!

So go be super, jump off that cliff and PEARACHUTE to your next memories with your kids; you won’t regret it! Want to give it a try? For a limited time, Dallas Moms can get their first month on Pearachute‘s 4 Credit Plan for ONLY $1 (orig. $39) by using the following promo code at checkout: “DMBMOM”. 

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