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PediaQ’s New Nurse Triage: Providing Help & Comfort to Parents (+ Giveaway)

This post has been sponsored by PediaQ powered by Q.Care on demand to introduce families to their new app feature. All opinions are 100% our own!

GERMS! Germs have moved into my home!

pediaq-nurse-triageOver the last few weeks, all five members of my family (including myself) have come down with some form of sickness! And I should have seen it coming.

All three of my boys are in school (from Mother’s Day Out to Kindergarten) and exposed to at least 10-20 other kids on a daily basis. While I know their immune systems are strong, even the strongest can’t always withstand that kind of germ exposure. 

I normally handle illnesses with stride because it seems to come in succession. Just as one gets well, another goes down with something similar to what the previous one had, but in general, it’s always one at a time.

The last few days had me in a whirlwind. All three of my boys (ages 1-5) were sick at the same time, and trying to make it to a doctor’s office between ushering three little bodies to and from the bathroom was impossible! 

While I know there wasn’t much a doctor could do, having the piece of mind to know exactly how I should help them would have been so helpful (and comforting to this tired mama). As always, it’s not until after my experience and every is finally well that I learn about PediaQ’s new FREE Nurse Triage service!

Who is PediaQ? 

PediaQ powered by Q.Care is the company that launched the mobile application platform for on-demand nurse triage and house calls. 

Through an easy to use iPhone App, families can request in-home visits from a certified nurse practitioner within an hour to treat most childhood conditions

There’s no need to transport a sick child to an office. No reason to hire a babysitter. There are no waiting rooms, and no spreading of germs (from your kids or others). 

The New FREE Nurse Triage

The platform’s newest addition, the free on-demand nurse triage will allow patients to speak directly with a pediatric nurse and get immediate answers for their questions with just a tap of a button.

If you’re like me, and unsure whether it would be worth it to see a pediatrician or have PediaQ make a house call, their new Nurse Triage service can provide complete triage service that helps you access and evaluate your child’s condition and make a recommendation for how to proceed.* 

How Does work? 

Families can request a visit online or users can download the free app on Android or iPhone to request a phone consultation with a Pediatric Specialist. 

pediaq-app-image-21) Simply create an account by adding your child, contact info, and payment method. 

2) Select your insurance partner; either BlueCross-BlueShield, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, MultiPlan or Tricare. 

3) Then, make a request for a House Call or Nurse Triage. If you’re calling during their hours of operation (Weekdays: 2-10pm or Weekends: 8am-10pm), you’ll be immediately connected with an experienced nurse on the phone. 

If a House Call is requested, a pediatric specialists will come to your home within the hour to treat your child

To learn more about PediaQ, visit their website or follow them on social media. 

*Nurse Triage services do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe mediations. Nurses only consult. 

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