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Save Money and Sanity at the Grocery Store with the just for U app

This post has been sponsored by Albertson’s to introduce you to the just for U app. All opinions are 100% our own!

grocery shoppingBefore I had kids I kind of enjoyed grocery shopping. Strolling through the aisles, reading labels, thinking up meals in my head while I perused the shelves, stalking the best wine deals. ha! How times have changed. Grocery shopping now- with kids in tow- I’d rather starve

We all know what a chore it is to even come up with time to think through a meal plan for the week, let alone hunt for coupons. And don’t even get me started on the total show that is my family once we make it to the store. Snacks flying, preschoolers throwing things willy-nilly into the cart, babies standing up in the cart like they are on the front of the Titanic…King of the World style! I just got the nervous sweats typing about it. Please tell me there is an easier way to at least save some coin every week.

Good news! The just For U app is here to save your sanity and your wallet.

This app does it all…it’s a collection of hundreds of digital national coupons, store coupons and personalized deals in one place. It also helps you to create a list based on the coupons you select and items you need that might not have a coupon.

Plus you can scan an item at home that you are almost out of and automatically add it to your list. No pile of coupon papers. No clipping out little coupons and then having to hunt for them in the bottom of your purse (amidst all the graham cracker crumbs). You just open up your app, shop with your list and then give the cashier the phone number on your account and bam! Savings!

In fact, in 2015 shoppers at Tom Thumb saved a total of $5.36 million dollars by using the app. That is some serious money saved by shoppers just like you and me.

just for u app homescreenI love the ease of using the app and I really like how the app personalizes the coupons just for me and my list. Based on your history of the app and what you purchase the app will automatically start to offer deals based on the things it sees you buy the most. How cool is that?! So I can expect to see wine, goldfish, guacamole and coffee pop up on my list – perfect!

The app is part of the Tom Thumb family of grocery stores which now includes Albertsons. I found this very exciting since the store closest to my house, that I pop into almost every day it feels like, is an Albertsons! I am excited to start saving.

The just for U app is available to download for iOS and Android devices so download now and start saving your family money and getting some of your sanity back.

Available on the App Store and Google Play. Visit for more information.

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