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Skip the Trade Groups! :: Sell Your Gently-Used Items with Ever Brighter Consignment

This post has been sponsored by Ever Brighter Consignment. All opinions are 100% our own!

There’s a growing trend that’s been popping up in my newsfeed lately — Facebook “resale” trade groups. I’m sure you’ve all seen them, and many moms reading this are probably active in those groups; selling, trading, or maybe even bartering. I’m going to go out on a limb here and risk my reputation by saying I’m not a fan!

As a mom, I get it! I see the appeal. I do. We have all these items that we don’t wear anymore or those items that stay in your closet because they looked so cute on the rack but yet the tags are still on a year later. (Who has time for returns?!) The concept seems so simple. Post a picture of your items in a Facebook group and all it takes is one comment, those items have been purchased. You stick it on your porch and magically you have cash in your pocket. . . theoretically. 

For the few short months, I was a “member” in these groups, trying to offload a bundle of clothes (because my husband refuses to allow me to have a garage sale), I’ve had everything under the sun happen. Theft. Being short-changed. Threats from other members for “breaking the rules”. And of course, the worst part — there are a lot of items — good quality items that probably just don’t photograph well or stand out as amazing deals — that don’t sell and take up valuable space in my home until they do. Overall, it was a lot of work, a lot of wasted time with very little return. 

I’ve always wished there was an easier way to sell my clothes similar to my children’s consignment sales. Tag them, drop them off, and let someone else sell them for me all in one weekend. 

And then I discovered the Ever Brighter Sale.

Ever Brighter is a women’s consignment event in Dallas/Fort Worth (near Central Arlington) taking place July 13-16, 2017. Ever Brighter was started by two North Texas sisters who love to bargain shop but like many of us had collected too many things over the years…which led them to consignment.

Sell Your New or Gently Used Items

Women are invited to sell their new and gently used clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories and home décor in the sale by registering their items online by July 9.

Consignors earn 60% of the price of their sales and have the opportunity to increase that percentage up to 80%. Consignors can also shop the sale ahead of the general public.

Don’t have time to prepare your clothes for sale? Ever Brighter has a full-service option for those who have more than 30 items to sell. For a percentage of your sold items, they’ll pick up your items, prepare them for the sale, enter them into the system, tag them and transport them to the sale.

The deadline for consigning is July 9; however, there is an early bird bonus deadline of June 25 – those who have registered 30 items by this deadline will receive a $25 shopping pass for the sale, and they can continue to register additional consignment items up until the July 9 deadline.

However, for our readers, they’re extending the early bird deadline to July 1; when readers register to consign, they simply need to note that they heard about the sale through “Dallas Moms Blog”!

Shop the Sale

Dallas moms (as well as all North Texas women) are invited to attend the Ever Brighter sale located inside the UPAC Events Center – Lakewood Shopping Center in Pantego. The event is open to the public and will include a half-price sale on the final day, Sunday, July 16 (11 a.m.-5 p.m.).

I recommend you take a look at their website at for sale hours and times. They also have some GREAT tips for first timers, such as wear a cami so you don’t have to head to a dressing room to try on a top or jacket AND bring a bag or bin to hold your items while you shop.

Use this opportunity to skip the work of online trade groups. Start cleaning out your closet today and put some real cash in your pocket. Happy Selling (and Happy Shopping)!


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