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Summer Blueberry Picking Guide for Dallas Day Trip

My teens and I make an annual trip to East Texas for blueberry picking. It’s a great summertime tradition.

Now that we’re heading into Memorial Day, that means June is just around the corner and the official kickoff to summer.   

It’s not only time to take in the sites of summer, but also relish in the tastes of the season.  

You can do both with a fun day trip from Dallas to about 72 miles east to the quaint town of Edom, among the lush groves at Blueberry Hill Farms. The farm opens daily from May 26 through July 31 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  

Edom is a heavenly slice of small town Americana with one street light, one roadside restaurant and even an old telegraph station. Next to making “emergency retail pit stops” at the eclectic artisan and antique shops, our favorite attraction on this East Texas pilgrimage is visiting the farm.

Kids of all ages enjoy You-Pick-Your-Own orchards throughout North Texas, like Blueberry Hill Farms in Edom, TX.

Our trips to Blueberry Hill Farms have become a family summertime ritual.  We look forward to this fun trip to the country to pick ripe plumb berries right of the bush, which we take home to make cobblers for friends.

Being city gals, my daughters had only seen blueberries in the produce aisle or in the jelly section at the grocery store. What a treat to see where blueberries come from!

We meandered along more than 40 rows picking the plentiful berries right off the branches. We even added a few blackberries to our haul in separate smooth plastic containers to prevent them from breaking open.

The farm includes a wonderful country store stocked with an aromatic array of blueberry specialties including pies and baked goods, as well as a wide selection of mixes, cook books, souvenir t-shirts and everything in between. Visitors are also likely to bump into owners Chuck and Sherry Arena, who live and work on the property.

The industrious couple ditched city living and acquired the farm back in the 90s.  Since then, they never looked back. The farm has continued to expand and attract visitors across Texas.

Chuck and Sherry told us all about this year’s bountiful berry harvest despite the recent rains. They also enticed us with an array of blueberry desserts.

These treats are available for eating on the patio adjoining the country store and overlooking the blueberry fields.  You’ll find an assortment of fresh-baked blueberry pies, muffins and scones, along with blueberry ice cream and all sorts of other delectably delicious blueberry goodness that you can possibly imagine.

Looking for a great day trip for you and your family? You don’t have to go far – just check out the local farms in your area. It’s a great way to pick farm fresh fruit right from local growers and get your kids outside to see where “real food” comes from.

And if your travels take you to East Texas, you can always “find your thrills at Blueberry Hill.”

Here are a few more places you can check out for pick-your-own fruit and vegetables:

Note: Please check crop availability and hours before you make the trip to orchards and farms.  Make sure they’ve got ripe and ready crops for the picking. 

  • Ham’s Orchard, Terrell, Texas:  While the only fruit they let you pick is blackberries, they’re most known for their general store where they serve homemade peach ice cream, produce, and BBQ. Check out their Facebook page for more info or visit their website.
  • Henrietta Creek Apple Orchard, Roanoke, Texas: You’ll find lots to chose from including apples (10 varieties), peaches (6 varieties), black-eyed peas, squash, and okra, plums, tomatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, For updates call 817-439-3202. See this page for picking updates.
  • Storm Farms, Darlworthington Gardens, Texas: –  Lots of ripe strawberries now through May 31. For the latest updates visit here or call 817-602-0668. Open: Tuesday, from 2 to 6 pm Thursday, from 2 to 6 pm Saturday, from 9 to 2 pm. 
  • Blase Family Farm, Rockwall, Texas: Pick plenty blueberries for your pies and homemade muffins. They also have a picnic area (bring your own food), birthday parties, school tours, group reservations available.  To see what’s ripe for the picking, check out their Facebook page.

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