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Mom Confessions :: On Raising Middle Schoolers

I lived through those newborn days where my baby was confused about night/day and I felt like I could never sleep, it actually felt like it would never end. Then I lived through the terrible twos when they started at the age of one, not at two like the parenting book said! I also lived through […]

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When Baby Turns 40

My family has always had a positive attitude towards birthdays. Another year around the sun warrants festivity because it definitely beats the alternative. But something is slightly different for my parents and I this year…their baby girl (ME) is turning 40.     And the three of us have asked the same question, How did we get here […]

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Marriage is Hard: 4 Tips Preschoolers Know That Can Make it Better!

Someone recently suggested that we stop calling marriage hard and, instead, use the word “challenging” because, “two people building a new life together shouldn’t be hard…” Excuse me? Taking two different people with different family backgrounds with their own hang-ups and baggage and then meshing them together into a well-functioning couple is just plain hard.  Long […]

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