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Toss the Books and Trust Yourself - Megan Harney for Dallas Moms Blog

Toss the Books and Trust Yourself – Anxiety in New Moms

.When I was 23 and preparing to become a new mom for the first time, honestly I was terrified. Outside of babysitting a handful of times in high school, I had no experience with kids. So, naturally I did what every terrified mom-to-be probably does at some point in their pregnancy…I checked out several books from […]

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post partum anxiety

“I’m not sad, so I can’t have postpartum depression.”

Y’all. I have had the hardest time writing this post. And not because I shy away from writing about big things- I blogged during my months of fertility drugs, miscarriage, healing, and more fertility drugs leading to a much anticipated healthy pregnancy. So I don’t know what is different this time…? Maybe because this is […]

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This Makes Me Nervous: 4 Ways To Help Mom Anxiety

I was the hover mom. Actually, I was worse than a hover mom.  I was really more of a germaphobe, milestone maniac, with an added dose of prepare-for-every-possible-worst-case-scenario, hover mom. My firstborn never touched a surface that hadn’t been pre-sanitized until he went to preschool.  His little tush and tiny fingers were always protected from the […]

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