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This is the stretch in our neighborhood where one or both of them put up their white flag.

Baking Together and Other Family Bonding Experiences That Went Horribly Awry

I suppose it’s our own fault for having pie-in-the-sky expectations of our carefully plotted family bonding experiences going perfectly as planned. It just never quite turns out the way we dream it up as soon as we enter into the equation the little variables we call our children. Without further ado, let’s commiserate about the many […]

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6 Unverified Facts from the Frontline of Breastfeeding

With three girls under my wing and a penchant for attachment parenting I’ve currently clocked almost 6 years of breastfeeding. Phew! I’ve lowered my chance of breast cancerĀ and probably even Alzheimer’s, and I’ve learned quite a few things along the way, too. Here are my top 6 tried and true mommy “facts” about breastfeeding: 1. […]

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