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Woman Holding Laundry Basket Full of Towels

Is Your Dryer Safe?

With a family of six in our home and a new baby who will make her arrival in about 3 weeks, give or take, I do a lot of laundry!  Every day!  We don’t have the latest and greatest washer and dryer because making that investment has been low on our priority list.  I regularly […]

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My House Is A Mess

Can we get real honest here? I hope so, and I really hope I’m not alone in this. My house is a mess. I mean, when you get down and look at the floors, behind lamps and plants, in the nooks of the kitchen, there is a level of cleanness that is just not there. […]

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Mom Lesson: The Gift of a Messy House

Before having my son, I enjoyed inviting people over. This usually meant that my house would be neat and clean with everything in its place. I’d make sure the bathrooms were freshly cleaned, everything was vacuumed and picked up, beds were made, candles were burning and cookies were baking in the oven. Before kids I […]

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