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7 Reasons to Cloth Diaper

We’re all moms here, right? And for moms there’s nothing quite like talk of diapers and poopy to chill our hearts, sadden them occasionally, or bring us to new heights of joy when we’re finally done with them. As my little family nears the end of it’s third cloth-diapering adventure, I thought of 7 great […]

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Why I Cloth Diaper

I remember the first time I heard about people cloth diapering their babies these days. Seriously? I thought. I usethose old fashioned cloth diapers to clean my house. I could not imagine dealing with pins, toilet dipping, and nasty washing of rags. Well, I was way off! Cloth diapering has come a long way. I […]

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Happy Earth Day

When life in the Gilliam house consisted simply of my husband and me, we did the easy and simple things to be green. We recycled everything (how nice that Dallas doesn’t even make us sort!), we turned out lights when not being used, we didn’t run water unnecessarily and I’m pretty sure I signed up […]

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