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Here's me recovering from chasing my 2 and 3 year olds around DisneyWorld at 8 months pregnant. Ok, maybe I wasn't the best rule follower.

Six Ways We Make Pregnancy Miserable: Are You Guilty?

I’ll admit it: I wasn’t a very good pregnant woman. Yes, I followed most of the rules. No hot dogs or colored M&M’s. No sit ups after week fifteen. No hot tubs. Got it. But, let’s be honest. Whose pregnant brain has the capacity to remember all of those things to do and avoid? Now […]

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The Biggest Mistake (Even Good Moms) Make!

Whether you’ve been a mom for ten minutes or ten years, I know you’ve done this.  You’ve made this mistake.  Maybe even today.  Truth is: I made it this morning. This mistake is dangerous. It will make your children miserable. It will frustrate your husband. And, if you don’t fight it: It. Will. Kill. You. […]

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