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Digital Family Events: A Facebook & National PTA Partnership

Facebook made a huge announcement today!  Parenting in this crazy world of technology can be scary and intimidating. Similar to other “heavy”  topics, parents often avoid the subject until their faced with it head on because you get stuck in the rut of “where to start” the conversation. Unlike many other parenting topics where you […]

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News Sharing Etiquette :: Is It Your Story To Tell?

News Sharing. We are so overwhelmed and overstimulated with information, opinions, tickers…every screen, every minute, every day. But we’re not just fed news anymore. With our blogs and social media accounts, we have become producers of news and information. In our constantly ticking social media world, perhaps we start to think that it’s our job […]

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4 Tips for Balancing Phone and Family {from a mom who loves her iPhone and her children}

Are you too addicted to your phone? Somedays, I think I may be. But I’m not losing sleep over it.   You see, about a week ago my newsfeed was cluttered with dozens of shares of an article titled, “Dear Mom on the iPhone.”  I’ll give the author the benefit of the doubt and summarize […]

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From Cribs to Hair Bows, Strollers to Leftover Diapers… Here’s How to Sell It…on Facebook?!

Last weekend I decided it was time to de-clutter.  I found a few random toys, a comforter, some clothes (a few with tags still attached), and most of a box of pull-ups that my daughter would never again (thankfully) need.  I started snapping pictures with my phone and within an hour, I had commitments to […]

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