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Late Summer is a (Hot) Mess

Sweaty? Annoyed? Daydreaming of locking yourself in a bathroom with only a milkshake for company? Perfect, you’ve arrived. Welcome to late summer, the no-man’s-land of parenting. The early summer days of plans, energy, and optimism (and most camps) are gone.  It’s an unstructured, windows-open hot* mess* (*literally), where high temps rule the day and mosquitoes […]

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Cool Ideas to Keep From Overheating This Summer

It’s about that time of year again when we all regret ever saying “I hate the cold, I can’t wait for summer.” It’s Texas-summer-hot, y’all! It’s burn-your-feet-running-from-the-chair-to-the-pool hot.  It’s lobster-sunburn-oh-my-lanta-it-hurts hot. It’s my-makeup-is-melting-off-my-face-why’d-I-bother hot. It’s don’t-touch-the-car-seat-buckles-unless-you-want-3rd-degree-burns hot. It’s “I hate the heat, I can’t wait for winter” hot! And it’s only July!  Since our spring […]

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