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Why Christmas Morning at Home Is Awesome (and Why Travel Is Overrated)

Last year, my kids woke up in their own home on Christmas morning for the first time. They were seven and three. When my daughter was young, we would head to my mom’s house. Or, we flew to Dallas to spend the holidays with my husband’s family. After the move to Dallas four years ago, […]

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9 Teeth in 4 Months: How We Survived(?) Terrible Teething

My son didn’t have any teeth at his one year checkup. I’d been waiting, anxiously patiently, for those suckers to pop through since, oh, about 10 months. Every more-than-normal whiny day, every puddle of drool. It was the same thought every time. This is it….he’s finally teething. I wanted it to be over and done because […]

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I Throw Away My Kid’s Art: Keep the Best and Get Rid of the Rest

I throw away my 5 year old’s art and craft projects. The coloring pages, the random scribbles, the watercolors, and now with Pre-K, the tracing pages, the lessons, the patterns! Yup, I junk it! Okay, not really all of it, but the unfinished, the random, the not-even-close-to-a-Picasso–those don’t last long round’ these parts. Let me […]

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