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Regional Plastic Surgery Center

Tips To Get You Ready for a {Mommy Makeover}

The Mommy Makeover. The elusive way that only celebrities and rich women “get their bodies back” after having children. But, we are normal moms, right? We don’t have trainers. We don’t have chefs. We don’t have (gasp!) plastic surgeons! And we sure as heck don’t have oodles amounts of money sitting around to “play with” […]

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Mommy Makeovers: Is Surgery Selfish?

Having an elective surgery is a personal decision with a very public opinion, especially for mothers. I made the decision to have a breast reduction based on some medical reasons, but also based largely on physical and mental reasons. I walked around in sweatshirts and cardigans year-round, shopping for a dress would send me into tears […]

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