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Tiny House: 15 Reasons to Live Small in Dallas

While it might not fit the universal definition of a tiny house (under 500 sf, according to a google search), my house is small by Dallas’ standards. Especially when you take into account our living things to square foot ratio: 6 people and two dogs with less than 200sf each.  We have looked at bigger homes for […]

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Moving with kids = too much stuff!!

5 Tips to Survive a Move with Kids!

“Moving with young children is so much fun!” said no one ever. It is the worst.  There is a lot of screaming and crying and throwing things, and that was just on my part.  Well, I controlled myself pretty well on the screaming, but there was definitely some crying and a little throwing.   Moving […]

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Suburban Vs Urban Living – Part 2 – Back To Dallas

Last spring my husband and I started feeling a little bit… restless.  We couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right!  In the fall, I posted about how crazy we felt having a great home in suburbia, but missing our urban lifestyle from before.  Well, we finally did it — we made it back to […]

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