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Losing Yourself in Parenthood :: The Two Necklace Dilemma

My closest friends know that I treat the (supremely flawed) show Sex and the City like my own personal self-help book, occasional best friend, and security blanket all rolled into one. And while I wouldn’t call myself a Carrie (despite the sudden realization that I’m actually writing this “column” for a city “paper” right now…whoa), […]

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Elmo, Raisins and 5 Other Things You Don’t Understand Until You Have Kids

I remember wondering (pre-parenthood) why Elmo became the muppet of choice amongst toddlers and pre-schoolers. He’s annoying and talks in baby talk, I thought, is that really what kids like? Yes, these are the deep, meaningful musings of my pre-parenthood self, but the shorthand answer is yes, the tots love that dude. I’ve seen it […]

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Battle of the Babysitters: What I’ve Learned the Hard Way

A few years ago, you would have had to basically kidnap me in order to get me out of the house, kid-free. It’s not that I didn’t love a good night out on the town; it’s just that I didn’t want to leave my baby at home. My son was a horrible sleeper, always sick, and was […]

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