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I Kept My New Year’s Resolution for the First Time and it Led to {My Most Positive Year} Yet

The Resolution I have never been one to make (much less keep) a New Year’s resolution. Even when I have resolved to do something, it was the basic health-kick type goals, which just didn’t last long into the year. In 2017, I decided that I wanted to make a realistic resolution, one that was manageable […]

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Fun Interactive Books for Your Toddler

Hands down, one of the things I’m most passionate about in motherhood, is all the BOOKS. I’m just crazy about board books and have collected quite a few for my daughter over the past couple years. We love reading together, and the colors and illustrations can be so inviting – each book is almost like […]

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Tips for Visiting your Local Library with Kids - Megan Harney for Dallas Moms Blog

Tips for Visiting Your Local Library with Kids

Libraries are an incredible resource for moms of young kids! They provide an outlet for families stuck at home during the day and the opportunity to learn everything from using the potty to computer skills. Here are five tips for getting the most out of your visit to your local library. Check the website for story […]

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How to Encourage Summer reading Dallas Moms Blog

How to Encourage Summer Reading

Kids spend the whole school year practicing good reading habits, but once the school bell rings on that last day, how do you keep them interested in reading over the summer? Dallas Moms Blog contributors Lee Cordon and Amanda Hunter appeared on the CW’s Eye Opener to talk about all things summer reading!  Here’s a […]

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Local, Free Dallas Fun: Library Edition

Earlier this summer, a fellow mommy and teacher friend invited me to story book time at the local library.  I thought, sure it’ll be fun!  Although my son is too little to sit and listen to a story (he’s still working on sitting up without falling over), it would be a chance to get out of the […]

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Library Card

Kids Still Learning “Library-Appropriate” Behavior? Try Online Book Requests With the Dallas Public Library

My husband and I both have fond memories of checking out books from our childhood public libraries, especially during the summer, and we couldn’t wait to get our kids their first library cards. Early last year—when our son had recently turned two and our baby daughter was just starting to crawl—we took our first, highly […]

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Little Libraries are a Big Hit

If only there were some way to better connect with busy neighbors, pick up interesting books for free, build a fun DIY project with the family, and instill a love and respect for reading in your kids… There IS a way! There’s a trend sweeping the nation that fulfills all the ideals above, and it’s […]

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toddler books

Read all about it!

How many times have you read your child’s favorite book, over and over again? When I get tired of our same ol’ stack of books, it means a trip to the library is in order. As a speech-language pathologist, I am constantly after high-quality literature for both my boys. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of […]

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