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A Tale of Two Children: Co-Sleeper and Sleep-Trained

If you were to list out the many controversial topics of child-rearing, the great sleep debate would probably make top three issues.  Parents usually find themselves in one of two camps: the sleep-trainers or the co-sleepers; or, their more commonly known street names: cry it out/lifelong trauma or smother your baby/get kicked in the face […]

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Putting a Price on Sanity: 7 Things I Learned from Hiring a Sleep Trainer

I can almost hear the collective gasp of mothers everywhere as I type out the words “sleep training” –  the assumptions, the judgment, the “I would never” declarations just waiting to make their way to the comments section of this post. Look, I get it.  I get where the anger and vitriol and pitchforks come […]

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Overnight Care

Have You Thought About an Overnight Nanny? {Sponsored}

This post has been sponsored to bring you helpful information on overnight newborn care. Your bundle of joy is coming soon! You heard a friend mention how great it was having an overnight nanny. An overnight nanny? What do they do? Do I need an overnight nanny? You start thinking more about the benefits of […]

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How to Help Your Child (And You!) Get the Best Night’s Sleep – Sound Sleepers

It’s no secret that a well rested baby (and toddler (and especially – momma!)) is a happy one!  The secret, however, is in HOW to get your child the best night’s sleep possible. I’ve written about our troubles with getting Miles to sleep in his own bed – we just admitted defeat and let him […]

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The Biggest Mistake (Even Good Moms) Make!

Whether you’ve been a mom for ten minutes or ten years, I know you’ve done this.  You’ve made this mistake.  Maybe even today.  Truth is: I made it this morning. This mistake is dangerous. It will make your children miserable. It will frustrate your husband. And, if you don’t fight it: It. Will. Kill. You. […]

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