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Baby doesn't care if it's nap time! Being outside is too interesting!

Let it go! (or not?) Summer Travel and Vacation Routines

My children have been ‘off schedule’ since June 5th. We have traveled on trains, planes, in taxis, ubers, and busses at all hours of the day (and sometimes night). With a 5.5, just-turned-3, and an 8 month old, planning and timing isn’t always easy. And so with almost 3 months of travels to three countries […]

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I don't know what I'm doing

I Don’t Know What I’m Doing {Resources from the DMB Contributors}

Some days, I’m totally on it. My husband and I are completely in sync. Bath time is a cinch. We anticipate Little Man’s meltdowns before they happen. We’re ready for his next stage of milestones with pureed food, humidifiers for colds, baby gates for a baby on the move. Parenting? I got this. And then you’re hit with the milestones that leave you baffled. “Will he […]

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Toss the Books and Trust Yourself - Megan Harney for Dallas Moms Blog

Toss the Books and Trust Yourself – Anxiety in New Moms

.When I was 23 and preparing to become a new mom for the first time, honestly I was terrified. Outside of babysitting a handful of times in high school, I had no experience with kids. So, naturally I did what every terrified mom-to-be probably does at some point in their pregnancy…I checked out several books from […]

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Sacrificing Snuggles for Schedules

One of the most basic decisions you make as a new mom is deciding if you are going to put your newborn on a schedule or swing the pendulum the opposite direction and let your baby lead based on their needs. *Note: if you decide not to do either, you are by default choosing the […]

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Self Care in a Sacrifice Season

When my son was born, my mom came in town to care for our new family as we adjusted. I remember dropping her off at Love Field a week later and crying, begging her to stay. It wasn’t pretty. I wasn’t crying because I thought I couldn’t care for my new baby. I was overwhelmed with […]

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Why I Stuck With Babywise

Why I Stuck with Babywise

As parents, we each choose different parenting methods, because not only are we all different individuals, with different personalities, likes, desires, habits, but also because each of our CHILDREN are different individuals. No one is the same, parent or child alike, and because of that I am CONSTANTLY reminding myself that just because one mom or […]

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5 Ways to Boost Energy Without Caffeine | Dallas Moms Blog

5 Tricks to Boost Energy without Caffeine

Lack of sleep– one of the hardest things about motherhood! I have a friend who never drank a drop of coffee before kids, but after having two children in two years, she and caffeine are BFF’s. I didn’t have to make that leap, myself, because I was in love with coffee from high school onward. It […]

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