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News Sharing Etiquette :: Is It Your Story To Tell?

News Sharing. We are so overwhelmed and overstimulated with information, opinions, tickers…every screen, every minute, every day. But we’re not just fed news anymore. With our blogs and social media accounts, we have become producers of news and information. In our constantly ticking social media world, perhaps we start to think that it’s our job […]

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Snapchat – A How To Guide – And Why I’m Obsessed!

If you’re anything like me, you might not know all the cool and fun things this Snapchat app for your phone has to offer.  Honestly, I thought I was too old/too uninterested to bother.  And I’d heard all the negative things about this app and was totally put off by it. Thankfully a friend made […]

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Make Social Media a Positive Space

Today many of us are spending hours online using various accounts to communicate, learn and instigate change. Just as home space and workspace are filled with inspirations and positives, it’s important we apply those same goals to our online social spaces. Here are my tips. Keep Perspective in Check Everyone with social media accounts are content editors. Most often […]

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Are Christmas Cards Necessary

Are Christmas Cards REALLY Necessary?

December sneaked up on me, again. This year, I find myself at a new crossroads wondering the answer to the following question: Are Christmas cards really necessary? In our era of I-see-pictures-of-my-friends-across-the-country-every-day-on-Instagram, must I really dress up the family, drag them around some park wearing Christmas outfits on an eighty degree October day, then pay […]

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