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10 Travel Hacks for Trips with Kids 

It ain’t easy vacationing with a small human (or more). I remember when my oldest was an infant, a wise mama ahead of me in stage said “it’s not vacation anymore, it’s a trip.” That expectation adjustment helped get me through the phase of toddler trips, and I believe I am safely through it. Now […]

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My Daughter Will Miss 7 Days of School for a Vacation and I’m Okay with That

Last week we left for a family wedding in California, after which we will head to Lake Tahoe with my recently married sister. By the time we return, my second grader will miss seven days of the new school year. At first, I pondered whether or not taking a vacation while she’s in school was a mistake. […]

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Traveling Abroad with Kids DallasMomsBlog

Traveling Abroad With Kids :: From Securing Passports to Flight Tips

Since having our first son, my husband and I have put our international traveling passion on hold. Previously, we’d spent six months together backpacking around the world, exploring and getting lost in foreign countries: riding public transportation, eating interesting food, catching a local sports match, or simply mingling with the locals. These are experiences that […]

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