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My Top 5 Books for Pre-schoolers

BOOKS! There are so many books out there for pre-school age children. I get overwhelmed, not only by the amount of books out there to choose from, but also when is it time to let go of those books that your kid once loved (when you figure that out, let me know).  We are currently in the transition of what some may call “baby books,” to more books that will help my child begin reading and that don’t consist of touch and feel—mostly because my daughter has ripped the majority of those pages out. 

So here I am, with a list of 5 books that I love to read to my kids. They each come with a reason, so here we go!

Book #1: The End (Almost) by: Jim Benton

This book is adorable and it is not one of those books you pick up because the cover is pretty. It’s a very simple book with simple animation and does not have a lot of words (Halleluiah, right?).  It is very cute and corky, making my family laugh! Okay… it talks about burping! What child doesn’t love that humor? Anyway, I found this gem while looking at my school’s book fair.  The librarian ran it over to me, saying you have to get this book for the kids.  She read it to me… that’s right, I was read to! After, I knew I had to get it, and we have loved reading about Donut ever since!

Book #2: We’re All Wonders by: R.J. Palacio

Let me give you a little backstory. My family and I were at the mall the other day playing on the indoor playground.  I saw this sweet little boy who appeared to have a physical genetic disorder.  Now, I’m not sure when you have the talk with your kids about how not everyone looks the same, we are all different, etc.  Well today was that day for us! My child decided to be the kid who shouted, “look at his face,” pointing to that sweet little boy. I was HORRIFIED to say the least. Granted, my child was only 3 at the time, but still you never want it to be your kid and it was just not our best moment.  So we brought him to the car and had a good talk with him about not laughing at others, we are not all built the same and so on.  Well, later that week I stumbled upon the book, We’re All Wonders, which is the picture book version of Wonder. And let me just say, it is fabulous.  We have been reading it to the kids now, hoping they grasp the message about being kind to others, and we all have uniqueness about us, which makes us all wonders!

Book #3: I Love You Stinky Face by: Lisa McCourt

This has become a classic at our house. Now, it does have a few more words on each page, but it is onebooks for preschoolers of those books where the words just flow and the kids begin to learn, reading it with you.  This book is very gender neutral about a son being filled with imagination and asking his mom the most ridiculous questions.  Who would understand that? Oh… I think every parent out there! I think this book is why my kids call me, “mama.”  It is an adorable read, that has great illustrations and is a fun book for the whole family to enjoy.

Book #4 When Penny met Potus by: Rachel Ruiz

I bought this book at the book fair, based on the cover and the title. Having a daughter, I thought we have all the princess books (which I do LOVE), but wanted to have a book with a different angle.  Letting her know, anyone can be anything—but its fun to have an open mind! This book is funny because the girl in the book, Penny, believes that POTUS is a creature, not President of the United States.  She comes to find out that POTUS is not a creature and was very surprised to see who it actually is… but you will have to read to find out!! *Cue mystery music.

Book #5 Good Morning, Superman by: Michael Dahl

Okay. I admit, my son is a HUGE superhero fan.  Guilty as charged.  We LOVE reading this book and others by Michael Dahl (Bedtime for Batman), because the character is very relatable, seeing as it’s a young boy who believes he is a superhero (aren’t they all?) and shares the story about what is expected of superheroes in the morning and night—such as brushing teeth, eating a healthy breakfast, etc. This is a very easy read and fun for the kids to start learning and reading with you.  The illustration is gorgeous with very vibrant colors. This is another fan favorite and we get really excited to read! This also comes in a Wonder Woman version too, which I will probably pick up in the near future!

So that’s my top 5!! But here is a bonus. We have also found books with readers (Disney Friends Me Reader 3 Inch 8 Book Disney Friends, and more) have been a huge hit around our house.  It keeps them busy in the car, before bedtime or rest time.  It will have them following along, which is a great pre-reading skill! We have purchased these at Costco and Amazon.  

I know school is out for the summer, but keep your kids’ reading and keep reading to them! There is nothing like seeing their faces light up when you bring out a new book, or even an old one. It builds their imagination and teaches them about their curiosities and marvels of the world. Hey, it might teach parents something new too!

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