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VISION 20/20 :: Goal-Getting Vision-Boarding for Mamas

I started 2017 off with a fresh start and fresh perspective. I was determined to do something different than all of my previous new years. I wanted to put my goals for the new year down on paper and pray over them. When I tell you the difference in my year that writing my goals down in a journal did, boy! I saw every thing that I put down in my journal come true in 2017 and then some! Vision-boarding is another way of putting your goals down, except you don’t have to find and flip your journal, you hang it, so you can see it everyday.

Below is a photo of me the day of closing on my new house this year! I had written down in my journal that I wanted to finish up painting and updating our first home, but I had no idea that God would bless us ten times more. With the help of my awesome realty team, we were able to sell our first home in 4 DAYS after our offer to buy our new house was accepted even without our house being on the market yet! Our new home is everything we have ever wanted in a home. It’s a testament that God’s visions are greater than even ours. 

“So a Vision Board? It’s like selling our own ideas to ourselves.” – Lucinda Cross.

So you are probably wondering why is it necessary to visualize if you already know in your mind and heart what you want to accomplish. Well, statistics show that visualizing your goals works! According to a Forbes news article, 60% of Millennials stated they used a vision board when establishing their businesses and 89% of them used one when establishing their business plan. 

Why does vision boarding work?

It works for several reasons:

  1. It helps you focus and organize your thoughts.
    • It is hard for many of us to organize our thoughts when we think of what we want to accomplish. We often feel overwhelmed and discouraged. Vision boarding helps to finish the process of collecting your goals on paper so that you can start the accomplishment phase.
  2. It helps keep you from getting distracted by obstacles.
    • Lets face it. There are a lot of negative things and negative people that pop up throughout the year that can distract us from achieving our goals. Vision boards help you stay focused and self-motivated to make your dreams become reality. You will then learn not to sweat the small stuff and small people because you will stay focused on the bigger picture. 
  3. It forces you to put your plan into action. 
    • Vision boards serve as a constant reminder to us of what we want to achieve. The positive words and affirmations will get you moving mentally and physically in the direction you are trying to go because your mind will see it everyday. You will inspire yourself, which is important!
  4. It encourages you to do something different than the year before. 
    • If you are having trouble achieving your goals from to year, why not try visualizing them? What will you lose out on? Besides trying it and actually seeing a breakthrough. Don’t knock it if you don’t try it.

I have decided that I want to vision board this year and I am hosting my own vision board party. All you need is scissors, glue, magazines and a poster board. Hang it somewhere where you can see it everyday where it will be a constant reminder of the goals you set out to accomplish.

Katy Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, and even the self made billionaire mogul Oprah Winfrey herself, made vision boards when setting out their goals. I encourage you try vision boarding! Don’t limit yourself, inspire yourself!

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