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Visit the {Caldwell Zoo} and the Newly Renovated African Overlook Exhibit

**This post has been sponsored by Caldwell Zoo to bring you this experience.**

Your next safari is not so far away! The newly renovated African Overlook exhibit at the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, Texas, is a great summer day trip boasting many attractions and amenities-and you can buy your tickets online.

Caldwell ZooIn the fall of 2015, the Caldwell Zoo announced a very ambitious renovation project-the $7 million re-construction brought many changes to the African Overlook area, which reopened in 2017.

From the newly remodeled African Overlook you can enjoy a panoramic view of the three-acre recreated African savanna. Here are some of the highlights of our African exhibit you won’t want to miss:

So much to see!

  • Watch zebra, kudu, warthog, impala, and even an ostrich as they roam the grasslands.
  • Observe prehistoric-looking black rhinoceros, a mob of mischievous meerkats, huge African spurred tortoises, and a troop of colobus monkeys that share their habitat with bongos and yellow-backed duikers.
  • The world’s fastest land mammal-the cheetah! Last year Caldwell welcomed the birth of three cheetah cubs, bringing the cheetah population to 3.5 (three males, five females). Caldwell Zoo is a national participant in the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) cheetah Species Survival Plan (SSP), helping to conserve these beautiful cats for future generations.
  • Inside the African aquarium there is definitely something in the water! It’s a colony of tuxedo-clad black-footed penguins! The newest addition, Duncan the baby African penguin, was hatched on November 19 to mom, Adasha, and dad, Taz. Now that he’s grown his adult feathers and learned how to swim, he’s out with the other penguins to meet his fans! You won’t find any ice or snow in the exhibit since these birds live in southern Africa. In fact, it’s usually a pleasant 70 degrees in their exhibit. Walking through the building there are several other residents-golden weavers that are always busy building nests, African gray parrots hanging out in the trees and rock hyrax scurrying around.

So much to do!

  • The improved giraffe exhibit where you can feed the giraffe! Open daily (weather permitting) but closed from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m., you can purchase a boat of 3-4 lettuce leaves for $5.
  • The African elephant habitat, which was expanded from just a little over 1,000 square feet to 4,100 square feet, and their pool of 23,700 gallons now holds 150,000 gallons.
  • The raised observation deck overlooking African exhibit, where you can observe African hoof stock, elephant, lions, and giraffes in the distance. Walkway to overlook meets ADA guidelines.
  • Caldwell ZooThe Chakula Café has indoor seating as well as 200 outdoor seats that overlook the African Exhibit. The new menu offers burgers made with ¼ lb. Angus beef patties, Loaded Nachos, or a refreshing Lemon Chill in a souvenir animal sipper. Chakula Café accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.


Caldwell ZooYou can buy your tickets online, view information to plan your visit (such as a parking map of our free parking) and be ready to set off on your safari with Caldwell Zoo!


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