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What You Missed at Project Mom


Last weekend, moms from all over Dallas/Fort Worth ascended to the Courtyard Dallas in Allen for a day of  socializing, shopping, and reflecting at Project Mom and Dallas Moms Blog was excited to be apart of all the excitement! 

In the months leading up to Project Mom, we gave you a general idea of some of the topics and issues that would be covered at the event, but we wanted to let you hear first-hand experiences from some moms who attended the event and why you should thinking about going in 2014!

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Project Mom was such a refreshing day to escape the reality of Mommyhood for a few hours.  I thoroughly enjoyed each session that I attended.  I absolutely loved how Project Mom provided us with a program with fill in the blank notes for each session.  I feel like it helped me to take better notes so I could really apply what I learned at the conference at home.

My favorite “take-away” was from the session taught by Rebecca Carrell titled “Messy Mommyhood”.  Social media makes us all feel like we have to be the perfect Mom or doing what the next Mom is doing but she really encouraged us to know that it’s okay to be a mess.  Messy Moms learn far more from their struggles than from their success.  It was encouraging to be reminded that I don’t have to try to be like any other Mom.  I am the only one that can be my kids Mom and I am exactly what they need!! I am already looking forward to next year’s Project Mom.  I can guarantee you that I’ll be there!!~Katy

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From the moment I entered the hotel lobby, I knew that it was going to be a good day.  Simply because of our shared title, I knew every woman around me and had something in common.  Even though we might have all had different parenting philosophies or different aged children-we were all in the trenches together.  The introductory video showed that Project Mom just “got it” when it comes to being a mother and what our needs were.~Cassidy

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I was very pleasantly surprised by the amount of valuable information presented by the speaker from Brain Balance Achievement Centers in this session. I was afraid that the session might make me feel guilty for not having held flashcards over my kids’ cribs and inspire me to try teaching them to read at 2 and 3 years old, but completely the opposite!

I learned in this session that certain developmental stages are best for certain types of learning, and my kids are both in the “right brain” side of their learning phases, meaning that it’s actually beneficial for them to be doing a lot of creative free play with other children rather than forcing them to use the left side of their brains and process logic oriented tasks, like reading, before they’re ready. There was a lot of other great advice regarding ways to guide young children by understanding the ways the developing brain accepts information. In the end, I was glad I chose to attend this session! ~Jenny

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Let’s be honest — one of the best parts of Project Mom is the swag bag we get to take home!!  And these gorgeous Vera Bradley bags are my absolute favorite – I love using them as pool bags or gorcery bags — and I feel so posh doing so.  But even more exciting are the goodies inside!!  I’ve been spending all week going through and picking out my favorite coupons, reading my Dallas Baby magazine and snacking on the Luna Bars.  And I cannot wait to find some place for these beautiful Faith Block Art pieces! What’ was your favorite goodie from the Swag Bag?~Amanda

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IMG_20130927_224929As a vendor at Project Mom, I felt like I had the most rewarding experience of all! I was actually a little conflicted because I’d attended Project Mom as an attendee last year, and was struggling with representing our brand but wanting to be selfish and attend the sessions. Although I’m sure I missed some fabulous sessions, I left feeling just as inspired after meeting all of the amazing moms who stopped by the Dallas Moms Blog table. We weren’t selling anything. We simply had a little candy to draw a crowd and start up some conversations. I met new moms, older moms, and grandmothers. It was great to meet so many wonderful people and hear their stories! If that happened just in a hallway, I can only image what great connections happened in the sessions!  ~Krystal

Will we see you at Project Mom 2014?

**Dallas Moms Blog has received no compensation in exchange for this mini-series. In exchange for some marketing, we’ve been allowed to host a booth at the Project Mom conference; however, we sincerely hope that this marketing exchange benefits our readers more than our site through discounts and opportunities to win free tickets!

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