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Why You {Need} a Galentine’s Day

Galentine's dayMommin’ is hard.  We spend so much time keeping the tiny humans fed, entertained, bathed and, let’s be honest, alive.  Sometimes it’s hard to manage it all, and who knows that better than other moms?  Often we can get caught up in the negativity of criticizing other parenting styles or other life choices, but just stop.  This year, I’d like to propose you do something positive and celebrate Galentine’s Day with some friends.  Tell your significant other they are off the hook for the night and go do something for yourself. 

Women are AWESOME.  We can do it all, and often do.  We are living in a time of a gender revolution.  I mean, look at Wonder Woman.  That actress was a pregnant mom while filming the movie.  I mean, wow.  I have friends who are working moms fighting for work-based childcare or bringing kids into the office with them.  Women across the globe are speaking out in strong ways about hot topics.  Personally, I think women could rule the world if we were all just nicer to each other.  Can we all just agree that we ladies are amazing?

Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

Plan a night in or a night out and then commit to going no matter how tired you are from the day.  You will have so much fun when you get out.  You can go out to dinner, go play with make-up at an upscale product store (and buy yourself a treat), do a painting class, anything.  But get out with some girlfriend’s who get you and cut loose.

Recently, my crazy friends and I had our first Galentine’s Day.  It was a random weekday night when we all were around.  We actually planned the meet up a day in advance just because we all happened to not be busy.  We dressed up in our wedding gowns, brought out wedding photos and videos and just talked about stuff that wasn’t our kids.  Did our dresses fit us perfectly after 9 total kids?  Absolutely not.  But we giggled and shared something special with friends who maybe didn’t know us when we got married. 

Too romantic (or cheesy) for you? 

Have an evening of cookie tasting with wine or tea parings.  Dinner in by the fireplace with some great music and drinks is perfect for cold nights.  If you only have a day sitter, get out over a cup of coffee with a mom-friend sans kids. 

Recently, I spoke with a friend who relayed it was hard to make new friends.  I agree that it can be.  Women can be intimidating.  It doesn’t have to be.  Get out of your comfort zone and start up a conversation with women out at the park or smile at a mom in your kids’ classes.  I met a new friend in the past year at my kids’ extra curricular activities who I am so excited over.  There are mommy mixers or mom speed dating events all over town.  Sign up for one.  Every single lady there is looking for new friends.  You never know where you are going to meet your next BFF but you won’t find her if you don’t try.

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