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Words Of Wisdom: How I’m Putting My Mom’s Advice To Good Use

As a proud mama of a pixie princess with a wild imagination, a stubborn sense of what’s what, and a powerful mind eager to learn, I often have phrases such as “Let’s go play in your room….eat those veggies….clean up that pile of LEGOs!” swimming around my head after a particularly long day of play sessions, lunch negotiations and pick up parties.

But why does this all seem so familiar? Is it because I say it day in and day out? Maybe a little.

Or is it because deep in my memory are the same phrases uttered by the woman whom I now call on a nearly daily basis to discuss, praise, or sometimes question her efforts at what is, in my opinion, one of the hardest jobs out there? That’s right, being an engaged, supportive mom raising quality kiddos prepared to tackle the future is pretty awesome but it’s also relentless and on-going.

Yes, I’m sounding more and more like good ol’ mom every day. Having kids puts you eye to eye with your own parents. A chance to say, “I get it now,” As a mom, I have begun to understand why my mom did what she did and said what she said. It also reminds me even though I’m living across the country from my mother these days, she’s with me here in my home, because I’ve taken the tools and rules she’s doled out over the years and tweaked it to fit my family accordingly.

Here are just a few “momisms” I’ve been putting to good use since having my own thrilling little people:

tomatoEat All Your Veggies

My kid loves raw veggies…with hummus. She’s pretty good about finishing her broccoli at dinner and likes to help add kale to our breakfast smoothie. Yes, I can’t complain when it comes to her diet. She even opted out of the hot lunch at school in favor of a freshly prepared meal from mom. (big smiles here!) I have big plans for our local farmer’s market and fruit farms this summer.

trinityriverwithdadGo Play Outside

Being from Northern California and having lived in San Francisco for 12 years, I’m a bit of a nature nut. So DFW was a shock when I arrived a year ago. The good news? We love to explore and lucky for us, there are plenty of chances to find those urban oasis’ perfect for much needed outdoor time.


Turn Off the TV and Read a Book Instead

I’m a total book nerd, so when I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I ran out and bought…children’s books. Books can take a readers on an adventure, kids can enjoy following a beloved character, reading helps with language skills, it’s a great way to get quality family time not involving electronics. Public libraries are an excellent resource with tons of story times, puppet shows and other great programs and what mom doesn’t think the Little Free Libraries popping up in DFW is one of the coolest ideas ever??

Don’t be Afraid to Get Out There!

My mom always told me to be strong and willing to get out and meet new people. This has most definitely followed me through life. From working in Media Relations to tending bar to moving across the country, being able to make new friends has been a great tool. And I’m sharing it with my daughter by constantly getting us into playgroups, going to the park, meeting up with new folks so soon they’ll feel like good friends. We’ve met some amazing people this year, which has made the move a million times easier on everyone. There are so many great events happening, so many ways to meet other moms!

How has your mother inspired you and how have your put her advice to good use? We want to know!

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