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Creative Gift Ideas for the LEGO® Maniac at Dallas Bricks

This post has been sponsored by Dallas Bricks. All opinions are our own!

Hi!  My name is Amanda and I have a LEGO problem/addiction.  My son’s room is running out of space for them and the LEGO bricks are spilling out onto bookshelves in our living room, playroom, and kitchen tables!

I pretend like they’re for my son.  Then I help him put them together and I don’t let anyone break them.  Friends who come over beware – our LEGO sets are sacred in our house.

Admittedly, my son and I feed off each other when it comes to our addiction.  We love to watch LEGO videos on YouTube, finding cool vintage sets and watching people build and play!

lego-store3So when I found Dallas Bricks in Garland at the Firewheel Town Center, we were beyond excited!  It’s the perfect mix of vintage LEGO, new LEGO sets, awesome built sets to admire/drool over and building fun!

Dallas Bricks is a family owned store and David Hawkins, the owner, greeted me and my kids when we walked in.  We were immediately overwhelmed with built sets, new sets to buy and build, old sets to collect, and a huge table of LEGO pieces to dig in and start building.  But seeing Mr. Hawkins original LEGO sets on display stopped us as we first walked in.  What’s really on display here is his passion for everything LEGO, his store, and the families he’s inviting in.

After learning where Mr. Hawkins’ LEGO passion started, Miles and I were soon drooling over every Star Wars set in the store as well as numerous vintage sets and LEGO guys that we both wanted to add to our collection. 

his-old-legoBut we also found that this store is so much more then just amazing sets to buy.  Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins host a variety of classes, workshops and parties here as well.  It was hard for me to not type that in all caps – because CLASSES! WORKSHOPS! PARTIES!

And even a FREE MINI-BUILD (first Saturday of the month, supplies limited)!!

Most Saturday’s at 11am they invite children to come for 30-45 minutes to explore LEGO building and learn skills and techniques working together on a master creation. On the first Saturday of the month, ages 5-12 are welcome to come build a mini model to take home with them!  Supplies limited, so get there early! Be sure to check their Facebook page for a schedule of events and when these classes will take place.

But the biggest thing this homeschool mom is excited about are their classes (offered to homeschool students during school hours, and all students after school and on weekends) teaching a variety of STEM learning topics! 

Dallas Bricks LEGO store Dallas Moms BlogAnd of course, the one thing ALL moms need help with – birthday parties!  They have a great room in the back for just that!  Mrs. Hawkins graciously showed me around where they store the food and drink you are allowed to bring in, and explained all they provide and offer during their parties — LEGO games, their own mini-fig to take home, and more! 

Needless to say, I/we didn’t want to leave our new favorite place in the metroplex.  After some building together with Mr. Hawkins (and buying a medium sized vintage Millennium Falcon) – we finally dragged ourselves away. 

As sad as I was to leave, I left there knowing three things – where I would be buying ALL my Christmas presents this year, where Miles next birthday party will be, and where we will be every Monday for a homeschool lesson!

If you are a LEGO fan or a vintage toy lover – this place is definitely for you! 

To encourage you to stop in and say “hi”, Dallas Bricks is offering a FREE minifig or a FREE bag of around 200 small detail LEGO parts* for coming into the store and showing that you follow them on Facebook!

Simply stop by, let them know you read about them on Dallas Moms Blog, show them on your tablet or phone that you “Like” their page, and you’ll get a mini figure to take home! 

We hope your kids will enjoy this new store, just as much as we have. And if you’re there on a Saturday, be sure to say hello — because I’ll probably be there with my kiddos too! 


*Small bag of LEGO parts are not for young children. 

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