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Dugg Burger Deliciousness in Dallas

Dallas Moms Blog received a complimentary meal in order to provide you with this review. All opinion are 100% our own!

Attention Moms! There is a great local gem serving up AMAZing and delicious burgers and you don’t want to miss it. Casual (read: yoga pants and hair in a bun), fast (read: you will avoid the long wait meltdown with the littles), affordable (read: no $15 cheeseburgers here) and best of all…SO SO YUMMY!

Dugg Burger is a great burger spot with a twist on the usual that will delight you. They do something nobody else does, they scoop the bread out of the top of the bun to make room for all the toppings! And you get to build your burger just how you want it and all for one price, no extras. 3 strips of crispy bacon, 1 smear of Dugg sauce, handful of crispy onion strings – coming right up! 

My husband and I came upon Dugg Burger in Casa Linda one busy evening and decided to skip the meal making at home and try it out. We had both of our girls in tow and as soon as we walked in we knew it was going to be a pleasant experience.

Greg, one of the owners, greeted us at the door and went over the concept with us so we were ready to order. Then while we ordered he got highchairs and set up our table so we could sit down and relax. Chase was an instant fan when he realized he could have as much bacon as he wanted…pile it on! I was onboard pretty quickly too when I saw the prices and the local beer selection. You guys, this place is great! We now stop in for dinner every few weeks and it never disappoints.

My kids also really loved it, both girls devoured their burger and fries without us having to prompt them to “please eat your dinner.” While my kids aren’t necessarily picky eaters, it’s still a struggle to find places that have good quality food for adults and kids alike all while still being family friendly. Dugg Burger nails it.

Dugg Burger is also doing some really cool things to keep it local. They source as much of their food as they can from local spots, all of their beer and wine is from local favorites and don’t worry…they don’t waste the bread they scoop out from the bun, they turn it into sinfully delicious bread pudding. BREAD PUDDING. Sold!

Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t feel like making dinner? Need a cold beer or glass of wine to celebrate the soon to be arrival of bedtime? Check out Dugg Burger! You will not regret it. 

Already a Dugg Burger fan? What are your favorite toppings? 



Happy Eating!

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