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Gift Giving Made Easy with Pretty Perfect Packages

This post has been sponsored by Pretty Perfect Packages. All opinions are 100% our own! 

Years ago, as a newlywed, I read Gary Chapman’s popular marriage book, The Five Love Languages. As I scrolled through the book, I quickly knew Gift Giving was not one of my primary love languages. It’s not that I don’t enjoy receiving gifts, but I’m a terrible gift giver. It’s just not my, ummm, gifting. But it is the love language and the gifting of several people I care about.  Many of those friends and family live out of state too, which brings up another short failing of mine. The post office makes me break out in hives. I just can’t do it. Picking out a gift, finding a box to fit, printing labels, going to the post office…I’m anxious just thinking about it. 

In comes Pretty Perfect Packages. They do it all. They have hand selected items for all the special occasions and special people in your life and put them together with thoughtful details, down to the packing tape on the box. And they handle the shipping for you! 

I had a chance to pick and review one of the gift sets from Pretty Perfect Packages. The hardest part was choosing! A moscow mule gift box for my husband (he’s been dropping hints that he needs a copper mug for his ginger beer cocktail for some time now), or a Super Hero gift box for my five year old son or one of my nephews, be totally indulgent and choose a pampering package for me, or choose one of the many adorable baby packages? After much debate, and gently letting my husband down, I decided on the Swaddle Me Mini gift set, because, who can have too many hairbows and soft blankets? 

The package arrived on my doorstep wrapped in packaging tape that read “Happiness in a Box”. I mean, these are the little details that make the recipient of a gift feel especially celebrated, but that I know I will never, ever do on my own. 


Upon opening, the pretty perfect details just keep coming. A box wrapped in a ribbon. 

Pretty Perfect Packages

Neatly folded tissue paper and hand written notes (on the other side of the card). 

Pretty Perfect Packages Gifts

And beautiful sweet gifts nestled in a bed of crinkle cut paper. 

Swaddle Me Mini

The blanket by KB Cute Designs is a soft stretchy material with a simple stitch around the edges. It has that homemade feel without feeling cheap. And the colors are bright and bold. I’ve used it as a nursing cover and a blanket and if my little one was small enough, it would make a nice tight, but stretchy swaddle. It’s just slightly bigger than the Aden & Anais muslin swaddle blankets. 

Nursing Cover Blanket

Discreetly feeding the baby in the chilly church nursing room with our new blanket.

The Little Yellow Poppies bows are simple and adorable. They come on a nylon band (similar to panty hose), that will stretch to fit any sized baby and be nice and soft on a newborn’s head. Here’s the pink one on my 13 month old. 

Little Yellow Poppies Hair bows

The Ryan & Rose paci clip is absolutely adorable, perfect for dressy outfits or special occasions. It’s shorter than most clips, which I thought was odd at first, then I realized it’s actually a nice advantage–no choking hazard and keeps the paci from dragging on the ground when baby is crawling. It also has a nice and tight grip, which I require of paci clips.

If I had received this Swaddle Me Mini set as a gift for my new baby, I would feel absolutely loved and celebrated. We enjoyed everything down to the box of crinkle paper turned sensory bin! 

Crinkle Paper Sensory Bin

Co-owned by Kristi and Tosin, two North Texas women, Pretty Perfect Packages is all about putting the fun back into gift giving for all of life’s special moments. By delivering thoughtfully created packages for any occasion, they bring happiness to your loved ones, while simplifying your life. 

You can visit their website to explore all the gift possibilities or check them out on Instagram and Facebook for a peek at a few custom packages they’ve done for their customers.  

Happy gift giving!

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