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I Can Be a Better Mom When I Can Do Something {Just For Me}

Sometimes moms need a break from mommyhood. When I say a break, I don’t mean walking into another room to “breathe” and count to ten.  I do that every day. I love my kids and some may say a little too much. Hmmm… that could explain why sometimes they just drive me crazy. But seriously, I absolutely love being a mommy more than anything. However, there are times where I just need a moment away.  Sometimes that moment could be hiding out in the closet or sometimes that moment might just need to be a mom’s weekend getaway ASAP.  I am not saying I want to walk away from my responsibilities – never, ever would I do that!  I’m just saying I might need a time out every once in a while to recharge my body and soul. Everyone has their limits and moms are not excluded from that, despite what our kids may think!

I don’t always get a mommy-break away, but when it does happen, it’s bittersweet.

The reality is, I do so much for my family, including working from home, that I need to get away to enjoy being a person, just little ‘ole me– not a taxi driver, not a cook, not an errand girl, but just me. No one expects me to do as much as I do, but I happen to be that type of person that likes to do everything at 110%. That’s just how I am. My friends think I’m such an over achiever, but I disagree! Anyway, when it catches up to me, I need to shut down and recollect myself. I need a mommy-break that is kid-free and I don’t see anything wrong with that.  I’m only human.

Just as much as I love mommyhood, I also love being my own person. You know, someone who just wants to kick back, chill with her girlfriends and not worry about dishes, the laundry, the cleaning, the cooking and the countless things we do everyday for our kids. 

This past October I packed up my suitcase with some comfy clothes, sunscreen, bug spray and a few other essentials I would need for camp! Yes, that’s right! A camp for grown women only! I’m not gonna lie, I have never had this much fun away from the family! I did feel a little guilty about being away all weekend, but my husband and children were very supportive. They wanted me to have a good time, and so I did. Though I was only four hours away, it didn’t mean my son wouldn’t call me in a panic about his football game.  (And somehow it was my fault because I didn’t read an email from the coach about the location change he sent literally, one hour before the game started.) So I really could never escape from all of my mommy duties if I had wanted to. It’s just not possible.

So back to camp. I didn’t have to pitch up a tent! The glamper accommodations were awesome, which included AC! Thank goodness because as you know October weather is still hot and gross in Texas. And in South Texas, it’s just hotter y’all! Food was provided at camp and I didn’t have to cook it! The entertainment and activities were planned for us from beginning to end. I spent the weekend mingling with other moms, making crafts, having mimosas and though I missed the yoga session that Saturday morning, I was still able to get in some reflection during one of our breaks. I felt so at ease and at peace when I took to the river and went kayaking for the first time. It was during that particular outing I realized why it was important for me to get away for a few days without the kids and husband in tow. I can be a better Mom when I can do something just for me.

We’re allowed to have fun without our kids!   

My best advice for any mommy is to take a break when you can! No matter what those breaks look like for you, just make the time to do something that makes you happy.

What about you, mom? Where do you go to take a mommy-break?

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  1. MommaMeg December 18, 2017 at 8:26 am #

    Sounds amazing and right up my alley… where is this camp and what is it called?! Do they offer camps other times of year?

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