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Making Your Move to DFW a Little Easier with My Utilities

This post has been sponsored by My Utilities to help families as they move. All opinions are 100% our own. 

There’s a rush of excitement as you sit with the title company signing your name (at least 50 times) on a stack of paperwork that officially makes a house YOUR home. Whether it’s the first time you’re buying or your last time you ever want to move, the feeling can be overwhelming the moment they place that door key in your hand. Most of us flash forward to visions of what our new home will look once it’s all set up or become giddy over the idea of decorating. What we don’t want to think about are all the small details that go into moving that can bring the fun and excitement to a screeching halt — how will you turn on the lights? Who will make sure your water is running when you move in? More importantly, how much is it all going to cost before you even step foot through the door? 

My Utilities is a completely FREE service that saves movers time and money. They research your home’s area and find all the utility providers servicing each home for

  • Internet
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • TV/Cable
  • Phone
  • Home Security

How Does It Work? 

My Utilities Dallas Moms Blog 3When you’re ready to begin the process of moving in, a homeowner will fill out a simple online form through

You select the services you’re needing to turn on, whether it’s individual services or a bundle, and within 24 hours a representative of My Utilities will contact you with all the best plans available for your area.

The mover will be able to see the plan and price breakdowns for all the services in one spot. The My Utilities agent can discuss plans and options over the phone OR the mover can select their service completely online.

After the mover selects their desired services, the representative will do all the leg work in getting your home connected. No hassling with being put on hold with multiple companies. 

That’s it!

The whole process only takes about ten minutes, and they end up saving users an average of $600 a year on utility bills. There’s no bias for different providers and My Utilities isn’t a subsidiary of any utility company so you know you’re getting the best deal for your home. 

Made moving super easy. One phone call and everything was taken care of. Because they work with all the companies, they don’t try and push you towards anything specific, but they listen to your preferences and circumstances and make suggestions based off what you tell them.  ~ Karin

Not Moving, but Looking To Switch Services?

My Utilities can help you with this too! You can let My Utilities help you as you begin your research on all of the above services and help you enroll or making the switch to a new provider. My Utilities will continually study the market and connect homeowners, renters and apartment tenants with services that best fit each individual’s needs.

Currently My Utilities is “giving away” a $100 Visa Gift Card when people compare and purchase home security systems through My Utilities. They understand as people start having kids home security systems are more “top of mind”. Even if you already own your own home, they’ll help you understand the security options out there and help you make the best choices that fit your needs. Get the details here for this current promotion!

Want to Learn More? 

Visit, call 888-554-4609, or email them at [email protected] to learn more about this FREE service and find out how they can help save you time and money. Also, make sure to follow them on Facebook or Instagram to catch great money saving offers from local providers and fun giveaways sponsored by My Utilities. 

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