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DIY Mother’s Day Toddler Art Silhouette


Hi everyone!

For one of my first posts on Dallas Mom’s Blog, I’d like to share an easy but lovely DIY art project — a great gift for moms and grandmoms!  It’s a way to show off your child’s artwork in a unique way that’ll last longer than a Mother’s Day card.

Let’s Get Started!

Start off by having your child paint on either some thick watercolor paper or on blank canvas.  Depending on their age you can use fingerpaints, watercolors, or tempera.  All these supplies can be picked up at your local craft store or any shop that carries art supplies.dmb-002

Take a photo of your child from the side. You may need to borrow someone to keep their attention to the side while you snap the photo.  I just took a quick photo with my phone, you don’t need anything fancy!

Print the image choosing the image size based on the size of the paper or canvas.  For reference, the painting on the left was a 4×6 canvas and I printed my daughter’s profile on a 4×6 piece of photo paper.  The painting on the right was a 5×7 canvas and I printed the profile on a 5×7.  

After you’ve got your image printed, cut out the profile using sharp scissors.


Once you’ve got your profile cut out, put a bit of tape on the photo and position it in the middle of your canvas.


Use a pencil to trace around your child’s profile.


Now, this next bit is really not younger kid-friendly, but if you have an older child who wants to collaborate on this project you can have them do the next step.


Using black acrylic paint and a stiff brush, paint around the inside of the traced profile. Just a heads up if you’re letting an older child work on this, acrylic paint is permanent and will not come out of clothes. I also suggest a stiff brush because it’ll be easier to get a nice crisp line.

Go slow and keep your hand steady.

Once you’ve gone around the perimeter in black, fill the inside.  If you’re feeling ambitious, you can carefully paint around the sides of the canvas for a more polished look.


Cute, right?

Now you also have the option of doing the opposite of what I just told you.

Instead of painting the inside you can paint around the outside of the profile.

Trace around the outside of the profile and then paint to the edges of the canvas.


Wait for your pretty silhouette to dry completely before wrapping it up and giving it to that lucky person!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

If you try it out post it on Instagram with the hashtag #dmbdiys and tag me (@hiandhelloblog) so we can see!

Happy painting!

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  1. Cassidy
    Cassidy May 7, 2014 at 2:13 pm #

    Doing this for my mom for Mother’s Day-thanks for the last minute idea! (Because I honestly had none!!!)


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