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My 2015 Momolutions

It’s that time of year again, when we start collecting champagne, party hats, and brainstorming about our New Years Resolutions. There’s always a general theme here- loose weight, work out more, be healthy, be more patient, give to others… And while we all intend to stick to them, we eventually get burned out, forgetful, or become too busy. So, instead of going with standard resolutions, I will be tweaking mine a bit to fit my lifestyle as a busy, working mom.


Here are resolutions turned into my  2014 Momolutions:

1. “Lose weight/ Work Out” – Let’s face it. There is not enough time in the day to work out. If I am going to feed my kids 3 meals a day, take them to school, do their laundry, take care of the dog and or husband, clean the house, and work at the office, then saying “I’m going to also work out every day” is just irresponsible- a total lie. Let’s be real, if I have an extra hour in the evening to do anything, I’m going to be taking a shower, alone. 5am workout? No. I’ll be sleeping.

 Momolution– “Be Active with the Kids.”

Run around in the front yard, play hide and seek, turn on the radio and have a dance party, play WITH the kids at the park. There are ways to get active with your little people that are much easier than driving to the gym.


 2. “Be Healthy”Our health kick usually lasts a week. We cut up a ton of veggies, buy a lot of fish, talk about how great we feel and then end up at the Panera drive-thru, racking up the reward points. (I mean isn’t it great when you get one of their m&m cookies for FREE?) Again, I am going to use the busy parent lifestyle for ruining this one too. I mean, have you sauteed veggies with a 1 and 3 year old by your feet? It’s stupid.


 Momolution- “Make Healthier Choices.”

With places like Utopia Food and Fitness and Snap Kitchen popping up, you can grab all-natural, healthy foods to go. Central Market and Whole Foods also have tasty pre-made healthy meals. On less-crazy weekdays and weekends, we will focus our energy on cooking these meals ourselves with one parent on the kids and one parent on the grill. (Or in our case, the boy team is often on dinner duty.)

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 3. “Be Patient”If you live with a toddler or two, you may have found that your patience/tolerance has flown out the window. Is he really crying because I told him I can’t make it snow? Is she eating dog food? Um, is she standing on the table? Why won’t anyone wear pants?



 Momolution- “Be More Patient.”

I have always been pretty laid back, well, until my kids robbed me of my sleep and do things like hand me dog poop. This year I will be working on 1) taking a deep breath and remembering ‘they ARE children’, 2) trying to see the humor in many toddler-crazy situations, and 3) taking a Mommy Time Out when needed (wine optional).


 4. “Give to Others”While we will continue to support charities that are important to us, there are other ways to give to others.


Momolution- “Give to Moms and Dads.”

Parenting is hard work. Doesn’t it feel great when others compliment your kids or tell you that you’re doing a good job? Do the same. Make someone else’s day. If you see a mom mortified over her child’s behavior in the check out line, why not say, “Oh you should have seen MY kids here yesterday!” Heck, if you see a toddler tantrum on the floor at a restaurant, why not send over a margarita instead of a dirty look! 

Toddler Tantrum

So yes, I do have resolutions this year. They just needed to be adjusted in order to be successful at this point in my life. Now, let’s raise our glasses to a toast: “Cheers, Moms, to a crazy, messy, busy and FABULOUS 2015.”

What are your New Years Resolutions?

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