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Skratch Harnesses Power of Dallas Teens and Offers Gigs to Earn Summer Cash

This post has been sponsored by Skratch to bring you information about this Dallas-based small business. All opinions are 100% our own!

We used Skratch to hire local teens like Jayda to help with window cleaning around the house.

Although July welcomes a more relaxed pace and long lazy days at the pool, for some teens it’s a great time hustle up a summer job and earn some extra cash.   

As a mom of teens, I fully understand that teenagers often have a tough time finding employment that syncs up with their unpredictable summer schedules. That can be especially true for younger teens who might get sidelined because they’re not quite old enough to work at the mall, or too busy to hold down scheduled hours. Thanks to a cool new app called Skratch, many North Dallas teenagers can become a productive part of the labor force with just a few clicks on your mobile device.  

That’s because Skratch is a safe, simple way for teenagers to find and complete local paying gigs.  Best of all, it helps teach kids financial responsibility and helps them earn a little “Skratch” of their own.

Since I have two teens daughters, I was anxious to try out this new service to see how it worked firsthand and find out if my girls might like to become “Skratchers” themselves.

It was easy! I just downloaded the free Skratch app on my iPad and registered myself as a “Seeker” (that’s the name for those with job opportunities to offer). There are a variety of gigs you might need around the house that Skratchers can help you with that you never even imagined! 

You might hire a Skratcher to tutor your younger child with his summer reading assignment, serve as a video game companion, help set up your new computer or program your DVR. You can even request a Skratcher to staff your kid’s birthday party, do crafts. or even plant all those flats begonias that you just bought.  

In my case, I needed help cleaning windows inside and out (it also was a great motivating factor for my girls to see that mom would pay someone else their chore money if they didn’t get with the program).

Skratch offers a variety types of gigs for teens at very affordable fees.

I just input my gig description and job duration via the Skratcher app. Then presto! Several profiles popped up of possible Skratchers that worked in my zip code area.  

I was very impressed by the Skratchers’ bios. Their ratings also indicated that the teens delivered excellent service. The Skratchers seemed excited about the chance to earn and were willing to work hard to deliver customer satisfaction.

A Skratcher named Jayda Clayton immediately responded to my request. We agreed upon the date and time via text and everything was reconfirmed by email.  I even received notifications when the job was about to start.

Jayda showed up right on time with glass cleaner and paper towels in hand.  She was extremely friendly and professional and was eager to get working. I learned that Jayda was a rising high school freshman and lived in nearby Richardson.  She’s a Skratch veteran and had been on a variety of Skratch gigs.  

“I love Skratch because it’s been a great way for me to earn extra money this summer,” says Jayda.  “I really enjoy the variety because I’m always doing something different.” 

Jayda has had opportunities to do lots of cool gigs like dog walking, collecting mail for families away on vacation, watching kids at a splash party, face painting and assisting moms when they need to run errands. Jayda says the experience has also been an easy way to find work and she plans to use some of her earnings to buy back-to-school clothes. 

After Jayda completed my gig, she received payment electronically and I got a chance to review her performance and even request her for future jobs. My daughters were so impressed to see how the service worked, that they can’t wait to sign up to become Skratchers too!

As I mom, I appreciate the opportunity Skratch gives teens to not only have a chance to work, but also to learn good habits about earning, spending and saving. Most of all, I love the fact that moms can get the help they need to get things accomplished and “Skratch” off another task from their endless to-do lists year round.  

Do you have a gig for a teen or maybe a teenager looking to earn extra cash?  Learn more at Skratch or follow them on Facebook.

Want to try Skratch for free?! Skratch is offering all readers a free gig as a first-time seeker mama!  Just register on the app and enter promo code DALLASMOMS.  (That’s right mamas! Think of the one thing you’ve been meaning to do around the house and someone will come and do it for you… free!) 

Skratch is also running a Labor Day promotion where we’ll be giving away $1,000 to one seeker and one skratcher on Labor Day.  For any skratcher who posts a gig and any seeker who accepts, they will be automatically entered to win.


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