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The Not-So-Perfect Morning Routine

I open my eyes, I slowly stretch my arms above my head, the smell of coffee fills my nose. I smile as I calmly roll out of bed and slip into my robe.  My morning has started beautifully after a long restful sleep. Just kidding. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. Not even close. And if you are a mom of little people, I assume (and kind of hope) your morning routine is somewhat similar to mine.

Baby Closet5:15 am– A sack of potatoes has been dropped on my body. Wait, nope, it was my 3 year old crawling into our bed.

5:15-5:45 am– Said 3 year old tosses, turns, and karate chops parents.

5:45 am- 3 year old announces to the world he wants to “Go sleep in the playroom,” which in ‘3 year old language’, means “Turn on the tv and get me something to eat. Now.”

5:45 am– I get out of bed, turn on the Disney channel, grab him a cup of water, and dump cheerios on the coffee table. I announce to 3 year old, “Please do not come in my room again until it’s morning time for normal people.”

6:15 am– I’m just about to visit dreamland when I hear in a whiny voice, “I’m hungry.”

6:20 am– Field trip to kitchen to open apple sauce, breakfast bar, and whatever else might buy me 30 more minutes of rest.

6:45 am– Oh my gosh, I’m actually falling back asleep. It’s a miracle. Wait, what is that?


Couch CushionsKid #2 is awake. (It’s especially fun when you walk in to find kid #2 has removed pj pants and diaper at some point during the night.)

6:50 am– Coffee on. Bottle being made. A legit breakfast being prepared. And ladies and gentleman, it’s not even 7am yet and I’ve been up and running for almost 2 hours.

7:00-7:20 am– This is the sweet spot. The special moment in my day when the baby is taking a bottle and cuddling, the 3 year old is eating, and I get 20 minutes of Matt, Savannah, and Willie. Life is sweet.

7:30 am– Shower time aka the time when bad things happen like a) a pillow pile is made using every. single. pillow in our house b) all my clothes are pulled off the hangers or c) someone decides to eat deodorant.

7:40- 8:15 am– Try to get ready for work. Tell baby to stop sucking the mascara and holler at 3 year old to wear underwear.

8:15-8:20 am– Load up lunches (I pre-made them the night before- BOO-YA!), backpacks, sippy cups.

8:25 am– Unload sippy cups. Everyone just discovered they’re thirsty.

Baby Makeup Bag8:30- 8:40 am– Get baby dressed. Chase 3 year old around the house trying to get him in clothes.

8:40 am– Bribe 3 year old to get dressed.

8:45 am– Bribe 3 year old to get in the car.

8:47 am– Remind 3 year old he can’t potty in the front yard.

8:48 am– Win power struggle against little one who recently discovered she dislikes car seat.

8:50 am– And just like that we are fed, dressed, and rollin’ off to school.

Nailed it.

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